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Isabel Rochev tried to take Queen Industries away from Oliver Queen, whom she considered unworthy.

Isabel Rochev is from a small village in Siberia, where she lived a life of servitude working in a diamond mine. When the head of Queen Industries, Robert Queen, came to her village, Isabel was inspired by the man, who she saw as a symbol of one's inner power. She fell in love with Robert and whilst he may or may not have loved her, Isabel found him a great source of inspiration and vowed to make something of herself and rise from her humble status as a slave girl.

Isabel achieved this goal when, many years later, after the death of Robert Queen, she became the new CEO of Queen Industries, having bought large numbers of shares in the company through many smaller organizations that she owned. Her goal was, and still is, to make the name of Queen Industries great again after the company had continuously lost profit and support for many years. Isabel would soon begin to provide her own personal private security forces to Star City, as the corrupt bureaucrats of the city were desperate to try to keep control of the population after hundreds were left homeless in the wake of the events of Cry For Justice. With much of Star City destroyed, Isabel soon began to increase her influence over the city and become closer to power.

Isabel is a somewhat eccentric individual and often wears a mask to hide her face. She also believes herself to be the true heir to Queen Industries and the true love of Robert Queen's life. This gives her her single-minded nature and she is also know to wear the jewelry of Robert Queen's wife, specifically her wedding ring. Now "The Queen" of Queen Industries, she desires nothing more than to make the company's name great again and see the disgraced son, Oliver Queen killed, by whatever means necessary.



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