Isabella Fermi is the second Diva. She has powers similar to her sister.


Isabella grew up as the unattractive little sister of the famous and talented Alessandra Fermi. After the death of Alessandra, Isabella was approached and activated. The details have not been revealed, but through some process, not involving magic, Isabella changed into looking exactly like her sister upon the activation. As the new Diva, Isabella started enjoying the life her sister had.

World's End

Although Diva wasn't a part of Jackson King's reformed Stormwatch, she was seen battling the Kherubim Red Blade Army, most notably forming a bond with Gen 14's Runt. During the battle, Diva was badly wounded at the South Pole and urgently hospitalized along with the other seriously injured heroes on Skywatch.


  • Sound Manipulation: Diva is a seedling whose power manifest by projecting violent sonic vibrations using just her voice. She can control sonic vibrations so precisely that she can use them to lift objects or cause them to vibrate and explode.



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