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Echo was a cybernetically enhanced Russian spy and infiltration expert, and an enemy of Batman.


At the age of 10 years, Isabelle Cheranova was recruited by the agency known as GRU, to be their spy, she was trained in virtually all forms of combat and use of weapons. Having stood out among the other children, Isabelle was selected for the Turing Project, who was to deploy units in bio-mechanical Wetware.[1]

Gotham City

She was seen fighting Batman in Gotham City two months before the D.E.A. investigated her involvement in a drug smuggling operation in Gotham City during which the city was a No Man's Land. Using the implants on her temples which interface with her suit she was able to read the Dark Knight's mind. However, she was eventually defeated and returned to Russia a failure.[2]


  • Cybernetic Enhancement: Echo has a Turing Implant on either side of her head. She uses the implant to not only feed her information back to the motherland but to hear radio signals and read minds.[3]
    • Enhanced Senses: Echo can hear any kind of radio signal with the implants connected to her brain.[4]
    • Telepathy: Echo can hear thoughts through the implants on her head.[5]


  • Espionage: Echo was stealthy enough to sneak up on Batman and was only noticed when she felt ready to engage.[6]
  • Hand-to-Hand Combat (Advanced): Echo is trained in many Russian and international fighting styles. She knows enough to contend with the Dark Knight.[7]
  • Firearms: When Echo was a little older than ten years old she infiltrated a guard camp for the Mujaheddin and slaughtered the fourteen men posted there.[8]


  • Turing Implant: Echo has a Turing Implant three centimeters from the medial line on both sides of her head. These implants are wired to the Wetware neural processor shielded inside the occipital region of her brain. Storage capacity is almost 40 gigabytes.[9]
  • Wetware Suit: Echo has a skintight bio-mechanical suit which helps her interface with computers as well as silence all incoming signals that Echo may not want to hear. It also allows for a 'stealth mode' which makes her invisible for limited periods.[10]

  • Pyat translates to 'Five' in Russian.[11]



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