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Dizzy Cordova is an associate of the Minutemen.

Isabelle "Dizzy" Cordova grew up in one of the roughest barrios of Chicago. The bleak squalor of the ghetto virtually guaranteed that she was destined to pursue a life of crime. When Dizzy was eleven years old, neighborhood police officers arrested her for shoplifting. Not seventy-two hours later, she found herself in trouble with the law again, when she attempted to burn down the very business establishment she had sought to rob.

For the next four years, Dizzy found herself bouncing back and forth between lock-ups and juvenile centers where she established various contacts within the criminal underworld. During this time, she developed a street reputation for herself and became involved in various gang-related enterprises.

When she was fifteen-years-old, Dizzy met a boy named Hector, who was only one year older than she. The two fell in love and were married, giving birth to their son, Santiago, a short time later.

When Santiago was still a toddler, Dizzy found herself in a gang-related affair involving several of her friends. A firefight between local gang-bangers and a street gang known as the Vice Lords erupted, and all of Dizzy's friends were killed in the violence. When police officers arrived, Dizzy was the only one left standing and they promptly arrested her. The courts sentenced her to fifteen years in prison for gang-related offenses. Dizzy was taken to the Stateville Women's Correctional Center just outside of Chicago.

During her first year in prison, she learned that Hector had decided to go straight. However, there were those who felt that Hector's criminal actions had greatly wronged them, and both he and little Santiago were brutally gunned down in a drive-by firefight. Dizzy spent the remaining years of her sentence believing that the Vice Lords were responsible for Hector and Santiago's deaths. In her mind, God was punishing her family for her own criminal past.

When Dizzy was twenty-three years old, she made parole and was released from prison. She boarded a train where she met an older man who introduced himself as Agent Graves. Graves revealed intimate details of Dizzy's past, and told her that he knew who was truly responsible for her husband and son's deaths. Graves handed Dizzy an attaché case containing irrefutable evidence that two corrupt police officers named Morgan and Swirski were the ones truly responsible for killing Hector and Santiago. Along with the dossier, were a gun and one-hundred untraceable bullets. Graves offered Dizzy the opportunity to gain revenge against the two cops while simultaneously citing the most obvious of motivations – they were the "bad guys". Dizzy accepted Graves' gift and began investigating the matter on her own.


Dizzy possesses no superhuman powers.