Isabelle Modini is an officer in the Boston Police Department. Modini was a strong, strict and conservative woman and all she ever wanted to become was a cop.

Dickie Loder, a weak junkie who was transformed by the white Magician, blasted her out the window of Saint Eligius Hospital. Wonder Woman saved her from falling with her lasso, but that broke several ribs and dislocated her neck.

During her recuperation, there was initial talk of early retirement. She loathed Wonder Woman for her actions - not for injuring her in the rescue, but for leaving her hanging like a yo-yo in severe pain while she tried to appeal to the gunman's good nature. She didn't want to talk to her. She didn't want to talk to Dickie Loder either. He did manage to get in her room but she wouldn't listen. She still loathed him and considered him a loser for apologizing for his actions.

Loder soom got a chance to redeem himself completely when a hired gun from Danzik, a mobster Modini was to testify against, burst into the room. Loder tried to stop him, which cost him his life. Modini was helpless, but the gunman was forced to flee as fending off Loder had used up his bullets and his time window. It made Modini reevaluate her opinion of him, and of Wonder Woman.




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