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Quote1 He saved me! I was... I was in the dark for so long, there were nightmares... I couldn't move, I couldn't speak, and--and it hurt... it hurt so much, I was so scared... and then I was here and I was safe. Quote2
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Izzy Cale is the young daughter of Veronica Cale. Her soul was stolen by Phobos and Deimos to force her mother's cooperation against Wonder Woman.

Izzy Cale was born to the influential business woman Veronica Cale. Despite her mother's dedication to work, Izzy grow up in a comfortable and nurturing environment, although she never knew who her father was. At the age of eight her soul would be stolen by the twin gods Phobos and Deimos in an attempt to blackmail Veronica Cale into helping them find the island of Themyscira, where their father Ares was held prisoner.[1] Izzy's soul was initially stored in a soul stone by the twins before it was fractured, she would then be rescued by Ares but as a result was stuck in the same prison as him, although he was a courteous and hospitable host.

After nearly a decade of imprisonment, Izzy's soul was finally reunited with her body after her mother and Diana of Themyscira brought it to Themyscira. While this restored her form it left her vulnerable and she was still unable to leave the island without her soul re-severing itself. She was however, no longer confined to Ares prison and subsequently accepted by the Amazons of Themyscira[2][3]


  • Dependency: Izzy cannot leave the realm of Themyscira and Ares' prison, as doing so would cause her soul to again vacate her body.[4]
  • Monstrous Appearance (Formerly): When her soul was in Phobos' Soulstone, her physical shell had no face.[5]
  • Restricted Senses (Formerly): When her soul was in Phobos' Soulstone, her physical shell could not interact with the world.[5]



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