The offspring of a Hub City cop and a housewife, Isadore O'Toole himself joined the city's police force at 19 and immediately fell in with the most corrupt element on the force.
O'Toole established a reputation as perhaps the worst apple in the entire corrupted barrel. After 20 years, O'Toole's greed and brutality had become legendary throughout Hub City.
An incident in the streets led O'Toole to a change of soul if not of heart. He saw his life as a dead end, that he had become as corrupt as anyone could become. His only alternative was to reverse his life and, as a result, became perhaps the most incorruptible individual in the city. O'Toole is no saint and still resorts to brutality at times, but he has become one of the few people willing to put everything on the line in order to see Hub City cleaned up. He act as The Question's police connection, similar to James Gordon's role with Batman.



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