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Ishida was an enemy of Wonder Woman.

Being of Japanese origin, young Ishida was placed in an internment camp during WWII. He attempted to escape, together with his brother, but ended up in an area, where the military practiced with heavy artillery. Wonder Woman appeared and tried to convince them to come back with her. However, Ishida refused and kept fleeing. A shell injured his brother. Being a six-year-old boy, Ishida thought his brother was dead and that Wonder Woman had killed him. Ishida fled and never learned that his brother was still alive. He kept hating Wonder Woman for the next 35 years.

In 1977, Ishida had become involved in an experiment conducted by Dr. Kenneth Wilson. The experiment resulted in Ishida developing a psychokinetic ability and saw this as a chance to get revenge on the recently returned Wonder Woman. Ishida took Dr. Wilson and Steve Trevor hostage, to force Wonder Woman out. However, Wonder Woman managed to tell Ishida the truth about his brother. Having lost his power, Ishida returned to his normal life.



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