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Ishmael is a famous assassin and mercenary on Earth-Prime.

At some point in time, Ishamel became a skilled assassin who began a metahuman killing spree in order to become a member of the League of Assassins: before March 2021, Ishmael was able to murder 93 metahumans.

Ishmael was hired by the Kobra Cartel to defeat the immortal leader of the 100, Latavious "Lala" Johnson. When Lala and other 100 members ambushed Destiny and the rest of the Kobra Cartel to murder them, Ishmael broke into the battlefield and managed to kill Lala's goons before knocking him down and allowing Destiny to seal him in a coffin which was buried in cement to nullify his resurrection ability.

Later, Destiny offered him a new contract to kill Jefferson Pierce and his metahuman allies.[1]



  • Sword
  • Knives

  • Ishmael was portrayed by Rico Ball.