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Pakhan Gregor was the Godfather of the Bratva.

After their establishment was shot up by Kovar's men, Gregor showed up and noted his familiarity with Oliver Queen, Anatoli Knyazev's new Bratva recruit. Gregor sent Oliver to blow up Kovar's casino, but Oliver was captured.[1]

Gregor made a deal with Kovar, for the Bratva to share the profits of Kovar's casino in exchange for the halting of their turf war. Gregor went to Kovar's estate, stopping the fight between Kovar and Oliver, and capturing Oliver for himself.[2]

Oliver was held hostage by Gregor in a basement, and Oliver refused to swear loyalty to him. As Oliver was about to be killed, Talia al Ghul arrived to save Oliver, shooting Gregor's hand with an arrow.[3]

Gregor proceeded to hospitalize Anatoli for his insubordination. Oliver tried getting Anatoli out, but they were intercepted by Gregor and his men. Oliver gave himself up to save his friend, but Gregor still aims to kill Anatoli.[4]