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Quote1.png Human beings! Soft, wet things! All I see in front of me is human beings! Some with all kinds of flashy powers, and strength. But still -- you are flesh and blood. Meat and bone. I am a creature of fire. Of stone. And ash! I am a death dealer -- Satan's right hand! You will not be able to stop me! Quote2.png
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Ishmael Gregor is the second Sabbac, a powerful enemy of the Outsiders empowered by six demons.

Ishmael Gregor was a Russian crime boss who sought more power. In order to obtain that power, he tricked Timothy Karnes (the former Sabbac) into taking part in a ritual that would transfer his magical abilities to Gregor. When the ritual ended Karnes and a bus full of innocent people were dead, and Gregor was granted the immense power of Sabbac.

Ishmael went on to fight the Outsiders a couple of times and was eventually trapped in Katana's mystical blade. He escaped, and has been on the loose ever since.





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