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Isis is a super-hero named Andrea Thomas who receives powers from the Egyptian goddess Isis to fight evil, using the Amulet of Isis and the Amulet of Hatshepsut. During 52, a version of the character named Adrianna Tomaz was introduced into the DC Universe. Tomaz is the wife of Black Adam and a member of the Black Marvel Family. Another character named Isis is Selina Kyle's pet cat.

Andrea Thomas was originally created for The Secrets of Isis, a television series aired as part of The Shazam!/Isis Hour on CBS. Thomas was created by Russell Bates, first appearing in the Isis episode The Lights of Mystery Mountain (1975). Her first appearance in the comics regular continuity was in Shazam! #25, by Dennis O'Neil and Dick Giordano (1976). Adrianna Tomaz was created by Geoff Johns, Grant Morrison, Greg Rucka, Mark Waid, Keith Giffen, and Joe Bennett, first appearing in 52 #3 (2006).


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