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Isis is an Egyptian goddess who briefly possessed Lois Lane.

Isis is the daughter of Geb, god of the Earth, and Nut, goddess of the sky. She is the wife of Osiris, god of death. She and Osiris are the parents of Horus, god of kings, the sky and vengeance. She is responsible for Ra's downfall. Her husband was murdered by his brother, Seth out of jealousy and his body was cut into a thousand pieces to be doomed to the Underworld for all time. Isis tried to resurrect Osiris by recovering his pieces but could never find his heart. Seth then imprisoned her in the amulet.

Lois Lane found Isis amulet in Egypt and she took it by mistake with her back in Metropolis. She heads of to Daily Planet's roof and she is waiting for Clark Kent to talk to him. When she looks for her lucky lipstick in her bag she finds the missing amulet instead. When holding it up to the sun, she is subsequently possessed by the spirit of Isis. Clark arrives and tells the person whom he thinks is Lois that he is the Blur; to which she responds that the news is unimportant to her. While Clark is stunned, Isis suddenly flies away after declaring that she is now Isis. Then she enters to the Metropolis museum by ripping open a metal door and she heads towards a crate containing Osiris' heart and rips off the lid. When Clark arrives at the Watchtower and tells Oliver Queen that Isis has disappeared with Osiris heart, both Tess Mercer and Oliver inform him that she might be headed for the Metropolis Museum to reunite Osiris' heart with his body. At the museum Isis prepares to bring Osiris back to life, but she opens the sarcophagus only to find that it is full of dirt. She breaks down in tears just as Clark comes in and tells her it is over. Isis declares that it cannot be over because their love is eternal and that Clark knows nothing about love. She then proceeds to push him onto the sarcophagus and binds him down, getting ready to sacrifice him to Osiris. Cat Grant who watch her from distance is shocked and she accidentally knocks a statue over and breaks it. Isis turns and Cat runs away when she bumps into Green Arrow. She senses Oliver behind her and notes that he does not want to hurt Lois' body and then throws an energy ball at him, which he dodges. Oliver reveals to Clark that the only way to trap Isis is for the sun to hit the amulet again, thus trapping her spirit. Isis again throws an energy ball at Oliver long enough for Clark to break free of his restraints and grab Osiris' heart. Clark threatens to destroy the heart unless Isis releases Lois. Isis, seeing no hope, attempts to stab herself. Oliver fires an arrow at the amulet, sending it towards Clark, who uses his heat vision on the amulet, re-trapping Isis in the amulet and freeing Lois.


  • This character is an adaptation of Isis, a character in traditional stories. These include, but may not be limited to religious texts, myth, and/or folk lore. More information on the original can be found at Wikipedia.org.
  • Isis was portrayed by Erica Durance who also portrayed Lois Lane because Lois was possessed by the spirit of Isis.



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