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Commonly referred to simply as Isis, The Secrets of Isis was a live action children's television series which ran for two seasons from September 6, 1975 to September 3, 1976. Consisting of twenty-two episodes, Isis aired in various countries around the globe and was part of the Saturday morning cartoon lineup in the United States. The series was initially aired in tandem with another live-action series, Shazam!.

Actress JoAnna Cameron played the role of Andrea Thomas, a high school science teacher, who discovered a mysterious amulet while studying at an archaeological dig. She soon discovered that the amulet was once the property of an ancient Egyptian queen named Hatchupset - a gift from her royal vizier.

Donning the pendant invoked the power of the goddess Isis, granting its user command over earth and sky. In addition, Andrea was given great strength, the ability to move inanimate objects, and the power to fly and run at super speed. With these fantastic abilities, she adopted the name Isis. Whenever Isis was needed, Andrea would hold the amulet up in the air and invoke her namesake, "Oh, Mighty Isis!" Isis used her powers for good by capturing criminals, righting wrongs, and helping anyone who was in danger. Unlike other superheroes who responded when people called their name, the beauty of Isis' assistance was that she often came to the rescue of people who didn't call for her, arriving in the nick of time and encouraging the wrongdoer to see the error of their ways through self-reflection.

In 1976, DC Comics adapted the Isis television series into a short-lived comic book series. Although Isis is often cited as a DC creation, she was in fact created specifically for the television series and was only later adapted for comics. The character of Isis also appeared in animated form on the 1978 series, Tarzan and the Super 7. On this series, Isis was one of several mythical heroes who banded together to form The Freedom Force. A modernized version of the character (though still connected with Captain Marvel) was recently introduced in the 2006 comic book series 52.

Principal Cast[]

Character Actor
Isis (Andrea Thomas) JoAnna Cameron
Rick Mason Brian Cutler
Cindy Lee Joanna Pang
Rennie Carol Ronalda Douglas (Season Two)


Season One[]

Episode Air Date
"The Lights of Mystery Mountain" September 6, 1975
"Fool's Dare" September 13, 1975
"Spots of the Leopard" September 20, 1975
"The Sound of Silence" September 27, 1975
"Rockhound's Roost" October 4, 1975
"Lucky" October 11, 1975
"Bigfoot" October 18, 1975
"How to Find a Friend" October 25, 1975
"The Showoff" November 1, 1975
"The Outsider" November 8, 1975
"No Drums, No Trumpets" November 15, 1975
"Funny Gal" November 22, 1975
"Girl Driver" November 29, 1975
"Scuba Duba" December 6, 1975
"Dreams of Flight" December 13, 1975

Season Two[]

Episode Air Date
"Seeing Eye Horse" September 11, 1976
"The Hitchhiker" September 18, 1976
"The Class Clown" September 25, 1976
"The Cheerleader" October 2, 1976
"Year of the Dragon" October 9, 1976
"Now You See It..." October 16, 1976
"...And Now You Don't" October 23, 1976

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