Issa Williams was a casual Green Light user from Freeland who suffered the effect of the drug.

He was attacked by the police and apparently died. As he was being carried away by the ASA, however, he revived, setting off a panic in his relatives, who were hit with his truth-compelling powers and thus reacted with fear and revulsion.

Unable to return home, Issa was taken in by Dr. Lynn Stewart and her family, who figured out that Issa's powers could be controlled as long as he avoided sustained eye contact with others. Unfortunately, Stewart also determined that Issa's cells were breaking down and he was dying. Realizing that he might not have much time left, Issa chose to reconcile with his parents.


  • Limited Mind Control: Issa has the ability to compel other people to tell the truth by looking into their eyes. This power is maintained only as long as he maintains eye contact.


  • Drug Addiction: Use of Green Light has caused Issa's cells to start breaking down.



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