Quote1 With every death, its rage grew-- at its own powerlessness, at the unfairness, at the prospect of its own looming doom. Its anger shone out like a beacon, a call for justice. Quote2


Itro is the last of its kind. The people of his planet hunted itself into near-extinction. Itro hid himself away, deep under the surface, listening as the voices of its brothers and sisters fell silent one by one. Itro's species consumed Shoum's crucial natural resources as parts of its diet. With their population left unchecked, the planet would have collapsed into a barren wasteland within a generation. Billions perished. Multiple attempts were made to reason with them but all failed. So the choice was made to save the planet and the people who lived upon it. And now, Itro takes its vengeance.[1]


  • Alien Physiology: Itro has no lips, green skin, three fingered claws and stands over ten meters tall.




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