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Ivy Pepper was a young girl with plant control powers trying to survive among the criminals of Gotham City.

The daughter of Mario Pepper and Alice Pepper, Ivy lived a regular life in Gotham, which was pretty horrible for the middle class. When her father was framed for the murder of the Waynes, he ended up dying in a chase. Her mother later committed suicide in grief, leaving Ivy an orphan. Living on the streets, she became friends with Selina Kyle. She later worked for Butch Gilzen's nephew and grew "magic mushrooms" for him, though she later betrayed him to let Selina and Bruce steal his money.

After the Indian Hill breakout, Ivy became worried about Selina and found that she was working for Fish Mooney. Calling the escapees freaks, Ivy angered Fish, who sent Marv after her. The freak briefly touched Ivy, before she fell into an open sewer. When Ivy awoke, she found herself on shore as a young woman. To her own surprise, she learned that her newfound beauty would make men give her things without her needing to pay for them. This led to her accidentally incurring the wrath of the Whisper Gang and learning of the Court. She later joined forces with Penguin, helping him freeze Riddler in ice and prepare for the opening of the Iceberg Lounge.[2]

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  • Science: Expert in plant life and knowledgeable about pheromones.


  • Emotionally immature: Ivy's basically a girl in a woman's body, thanks to her physical age being accelerated at least 7 years by Marv briefly touching her wrist. However, she gains more maturity and knowledge after her second rebirth.
  • Lack of common sense: While not outright stupid, Ivy has been noted by Selina and Penguin to be dense. This changes after her second rebirth.