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Quote1.png Keep walking, Stretch. I don't talk to creeps in dark hallways dressed in purple leather. Quote2.png
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The Fiddler was a test subject of the Thinker.

Izzy Bowin was an orphan who learned to only rely on herself growing up. While on a bus in Central City, Izzy was struck with a wave of dark matter, giving her the power to amplify and control sound. As a country musician, this inspired Izzy to push towards her dream of producing an album and making it big in the industry. Her powers made her the target of the Thinker, leading the Flash and Elongated Man to track her down and offer their protection. Izzy was initially reluctant, but after encountering Thinker, she went to S.T.A.R. Labs with Flash and Elongated Man to try and better learn control of her powers, which were effective against the Thinker. Elongated Man grew romantically interested in Izzy, and revealed to her that he was on the same bus, prompting her to grow more interested in the fight against Thinker. Along with Flash and Elongated Man, Izzy fought the Thinker, and though initially effective, Thinker preyed on her inexperience and transferred his consciousness into Izzy, effectively killing her.