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Martian Manhunter was a member of the Justice League of America who lost his powers.

During the event of Black Light effect, J'onn lost his shapeshifting ability and reverted to his Martian form. At the watchtower, he tried to remain calm with the rest of the powerless heroes who desperate wanted to know what happened with their powers and whatever they could regain back their ability. When the source of the light revealed had made every heroes lose their power and ability permanent. Many heroes felt into depressed and denial about their loss. Six months after the event, J'onn told the remaining powerless League that some of the heroes had move on their life or think they are being cure. However, Arthur and Wally though it was otherwise and Linda planned that they decided to reinvent themselves without relying their powers. The four league went to the Batcave, seeking him for a special training that can teach them about his acrobat skills.