J'onn J'onzz is the Martian Manhunter, a member of the Justice League of America. He became one of the Anti-Living.

In the midst of the Anti-Life Virus outbreak, Martian Manhunter met with Superman and the rest of the surviving Justice League, offering a solution to where the heroes may be able send the wandering survivors to, away from the Anti-Living. He suggested Kahndaq, the secluded nation ruled by their on-and-off enemy Black Adam, as a refuge for the survivors they've rescued. Manhunter went to Kahndaq with Superman and Wonder Woman to personally ask for Black Adam's help on making Kahndaq a nation of refuge for survivors, though the latter bitterly rejected the heroes' request, much to their dismay.[1]

At some point later on, Martian Manhunter would eventually become infected by the virus, becoming an Anti-Living himself. Under the influence of the corrupted Anti-Life Equation, Manhunter ended up tracking down the Fortress of Solitude, which became a temporary safe place for some survivors, including some of his former teammates. Using his powers of invisibility combined with telepathic assault to rasp every survivor's hearing, the infected Manhunter was able to infiltrate the Solitude with ease as intends to infect every one inside. In his assault, the infected Manhunter swiftly strikes Lex Luthor, tearing him in half. Manhunter then proceeds to slash the Flash from behind, effectively infecting the speedster. Manhunter's attack was finally thwarted by Firestorm, who killed the infected Martian by blasting him with his greatest weakness: fire, burning Martian Manhunter to death.[2]





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