J'onn J'onzz was a martian that was lured to Earth by the scientist Saul Erdel and held in captivity by the Outsider. While in the Outsider's possession, J'onzz was harshly experimented on and kept in a constant state of agony before being traded to the Russian government, who were trying to replicate their own version of America's Project Superman.

While under experimentation by the Russians, J'onzz broke free and escaped, bringing the former ruler of Kahndaq and fellow prisoner Black Adam with him. Together they fled back to Kahndaq where the Manhunter would one day kill Adam and usurp his power.

Wanting revenge on the Outsider for causing the misery in his life, J'onzz lured the man to Kahndaq and ambushed him in Black Adam's old castle. However, despite having the power advantage, the Manhunter was still trapped by one of the Outsider's devices that trapped the martian cross-dimensions and then slip him in half, killing him.



  • Vulnerability to Fire: J'onzz admits to overcoming his weakness for the most part, discovering that it was mostly psychosomatic.



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