Quote1 That is my attempt at humor, what do you think? Quote2
-- J'onn J'onzz src

J'onn J'onzz is a member of the Justice League.

His first appearance was helping out Wonder Woman and Superman. The fire member of the Brothers Djinn, Calythos, had absorbed the criminal, Parasite into his body. Because of this combination, Calythos also gained his ability to absorb the abilities of those he touched, or who touched him, as he gained the combined powers of both the Man of Steel and the Princess of the Amazons. Upon realizing what had happened, Wonder Woman called in Martian Manhunter. He fought Calythos briefly upon his volcano fortress, where the Martian revealed the existence of his allergy to fire. Because of this, Calythos was forced to expel Parasite from his body. After the two criminals were contained, Manhunter read Calythos's mind and leatned the names of the other Djin.





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