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Quote1 He was even creepier than normal. But more…more natural. He was doing something. Blending in…hiding…no, not hiding…Hunting. Quote2
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J'onn J'onzz is the Martian Manhunter, one of the last survivors of the planet Mars who came to Earth in search of justice and peace.


New 52 Origin

Millions of years ago, Mars was a living world, populated by a race of humanoids divided by skin color. However, one day the populace received a psychic warning, which the government perceived as a threat and recruited several of its people, including a young J'onn J'onzz to investigate. While on their mission, the government agent Ma'alefa'ak unveiled a double-cross, killing all of the subjects except J'onzz and then used their blood for a magic ritual that super-empowered J'onn—permanently, against his will.
Martian Manhunter Vol 4 10 Textless

J'onn escapes Mars' extinction

Hunting Ma'alefa'ak, J'onn discovered a monster—the cause of the psychic warning that had sent him on the mission in the first place. Taking the shape of J'onn J'onzz's son, the monster explained that it was the embodiment of the dying Martian biosphere, trying to warn the populace to help it. However, the embodiment decreed that they were unworthy, and Mars and the Martians died, throwing J'onn to Earth, where he lost himself in an infinity of identities before finally, millions of years later, he attempted to become a hero once again.[1]

Following the cosmic upheavals of the Rebirth period, this character's history was revised.

Current Origin

Millenia ago, J'onn J'onzz was a manhunter, a peacekeeper on the ancient world of Ma'aleca'andra. As a child, he was abducted, pulled across space and time by Lionel Luthor. There, Lionel and his Legionaire's Club (in truth, a secret organization operating under the direction of Vandal Savage) experimented on him until he was freed by Lionel's young son, Albie, and the young Martian was able to return to his proper place in space and time.

As an adult, J'onn married M'yri'ah, a green-skinned Martian physician. They raised a daughter, K'hym. Tragically, both of them died when Mars was struck with the telekinetic plague known as H'ronmeer's Curse. Seemingly left as the sole survivor of his race, J'onn J'onnz was unexpectedly pulled across time and space by the scientist Saul Erdel.


On Earth, the first supervillain he ever faced was the Human Flame.[2] He became the mysterious hero known as the Bronze Wraith, the only member of his team to escape being killed at the hands of Doctor Trap, who blamed the heroes for the accidental death of his wife.[3] Later, J'onn took the secret identity of deceased detective John Jones and work as the partner of Diane Meade. J'onn hid his Martian nature from Diane at first, but unexpectedly was forced to reveal the truth to her after the pair was involved in a car accident. Following his defeat of the insane Martian survivor (and high felon) Cha'rnn O'zzm, J'onn took on the super-heroic identity of the Martian Manhunter.[citation needed]

The Justice League

J'onn was amongst the founding members of the Justice League.[citation needed] While the team's actual first meeting is debated, prime amongst the contenders involved the heroes who would eventually comprise the League—J'onzz among them—nearly being turned into trees. J'onzz J'onnz fought with the Justice League against Starro the Conquerer, one of their earliest foes.[4] Later, he was among the League when they faced the Weapons Master,[5] and when they were taken in thrall by the Queen Bee.[6]

In original New 52 Continuity, the Justice League formed following an invasion of Earth by Darkseid. However, following subsequent changes to the timeline, this was supplanted with an adventure resembling the team's Earth-One and New Earth origin. While Darkseid's invasion may have still occurred, it seemingly did not occur in the way originally depicted.

Another early enemy was Professor Arnold Hugo, a genius inventor and criminal who J'onn defeated and humiliated.[7] In his guise as Detective John Jones, he clandestinely freed the Amazon Nubia, sister of his Justice League teammate Wonder Woman, from police custody when she was framed for assault.[8] He shattered the artifact known as the Idol-Head of Diabolu,[9] an action that resulted in John Jones' presumed death.[citation needed] After retiring the identity of John Jones, J'onn relocated his base of operations to the French Riviera, where he assumed the identity of Marco Xavier, a criminal with connections to the VULTURE Cartel who was believed to be dead after a car crash. Using the identity to infiltrate the cartel and destroy it from within, J'onn was shocked to discover that Marco Xavier was in fact still alive, ruling VULTURE as the faceless "Mr. V." Their conflict resulted in the collapse of VULTURE's headquarters and the ostensible death of Marco Xavier.[7]

The Martian Manhunter was one of the many heroes possessed by the Devil Nezha and made to fight the fused Batman and Superman,[10] and later, with Supergirl, came to Batman's rescue against the android NewMazo, inadvertently lending it their powers. He and his fellow heroes fought the android to no avail until it was disabled by a feedback loop with its predecessor.[11] J'onn impersonated the villain Metallo in a bid to expose Lex Luthor's schemes to kill Superman,[12] and returned to the Justice League for battles with Libra[13] and the Church of Blood.[14]

J'onn participated in many incarnations of the League, including its Detroit-based iteration[15] and the Justice League International.[16] With the latter group, he watched as the Doom Patrol fought to save the world from the Painting That Ate Paris.[17] Notably, he was present when the team battled the Anti-Life Entity, and was witness to John Stewart's accidental destruction of Xanshi.[citation needed] Later, J'onn took on the identity of Bloodwynd[9] and the memories of the first hero of that name when the original was trapped within the Blood Gem, the source of his power, which became bonded to the Manhunter. As Bloodwynd, he and his fellow Justice League members fought the Weapons Master[18] and Doomsday during his attack on Metropolis, but were defeated by the latter.[19]

As the Martian Manhunter once again, he was a member of another Justice League roster which was brought down by Batman's distrust for his teammates.[20] An incarnation of the League that included J'onn faced off against the Hyperclan, a group of surviving White Martians who attempted to pass themselves off as heroes to the general public.[citation needed] At some point in his career, he died; he was later resurrected as a member of the Black Lantern Corps during the Blackest Night, later being fully brought back to life.[21]

The New 52


Stormwatch Vol 3 1 Textless

Martian Manhunter and the Stormwatch

Eventually, J'onn left the League under mysterious and violent circumstances.[22] Not left cynical from his expulsion from the Justice League, he became a member of a group called Stormwatch, who protected Earth from super-powered threats in a more "professional" (rough but functionally covert) way.

With Stormwatch, the Martian Mahunter helped fend off a war with creatures of the Moon.[23] However, finding he was not at peace within Stormwatch, J'onzz attempted to leave the group but realized that they would perceive his departure as a threat to the secrecy of the group. Therefore, to prevent them stopping him, J'onn wiped their memories of his membership entirely and vanished, searching for a place where he belonged.[24]

Justice League of America

 Main article: Justice League of America Vol 3

Martian Manhunter was later contacted by Amanda Waller to join her government-funded "Justice League of America", which, unknown to the members, was constructed to combat the real Justice League if the heroes were to go rogue. J'onn was chosen as a foil for Superman.[25]

He was imprisoned during the Crime Syndicate attack, but used his powers to free Stargirl, enabling her to help save the day. Afterwards, they founded Justice League United, a non-national superteam which could bring superheroes together.

Justice League United

Roy Harper Cry for Justice
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The Epiphany

While investigating a disappeared lunar astronaut, J'onn was attacked by foes who sparked his buried memories of his origin. Running back to Earth, he fought against an inexplicable wave of terror-bombings, dying as a result.[26] However, his remains were gathered by a disparate group, who were compelled to bring the remains to a holy site in Ghana.[27]

Teleported to a paradoxical Mars, the group discovered that they were various aspects of J'onn's psyche, split off and given bodies, and that any or all of them could become the next Martian Manhunter. However, they also discovered they were being hunted by Ma'alefa'ak, the mastermind of the scheme, who wanted to use them as magical fuel to save Mars under his rule.[28]

After much conflict with Ma'alefa'ak, the group (including J'onn himself) was able to return the martians back to the past, save the human refugees stranded on Mars, and join together once again to form J'onn J'onzz as a whole.[29]

Following various revisions to his origin, it is likely this event was erased from history, as it no longer aligns with his current history.

DC Rebirth

Dark Nights: Metal

Shortly before the invasion of the Dark Multiverse, J'onn went to Thanagar Prime in search of more Nth Metal, where he later found Mister Terrific and Green Lantern imprisoned by Starro and Onimar Synn. J'onn freed both Hal and Michael, and then stopped the Thanagarians from firing against Earth with the Phoenix Cannon, also rescuing Plastic Man from the grasp of Synn. Soon after, three of the Dark Knights appeared on Thanagar, revealing that both the Cannon and Plastic Man were part of their plan to finally drag the whole Multiverse into the Dark. Inverting the polarity of the Cannon, they shot Plastic Man at the Earth's core, starting a chain reaction with Hawkman's Mace, currently at the Rock of Eternity, that would sink Earth and the whole Multiverse inside the abyss known as the Dark Multiverse.[30]

J'onn was captured and transported to Earth by the Dark Knights, and was put in trance like the other prisoners. Wonder Woman, back from the Rock of Eternity with Hawkman's Mace, was able to wake them all up, as she clashed the Mace with her Bracelets. J'onn fought together with the other heroes against the forces of Barbatos, with the Multiverse winning against the Dark thanks to the retrieval of Element X inside the World Forge.[31] After the fight, J'onn was informed about the consequences of their war: the Source Wall broke apart, and now the Multiverse stood unprotected. Later, he took part on the mission to stop the Omega Titans.[32]

The Totality

Acting as the president of the reformed Justice League, J'onn was key to stop a plan by Vandal Savage, which aimed to move Earth away from its orbit to avoid it from colliding with an object coming from space, called the Totality. To stop this plan, the Manhunter had to destroy the Moon, helping himself with explosive previously implanted by Batman. He then convinced the League to vote for letting the Totality hit Earth, convinced that it might be a positive thing that will lead to the healing of the Multiverse, damaged after the rupture of the Source Wall.

Justice League Vol 4 1 Textless

Back with the League!

After the vote was cast and the Totality hit Earth, J'onn received from a dying Vandal Savage knowledge which revealed that his choice led Earth to a road towards Doom. As this knowledge was hard to even process, J'onn dismissed it, and went on with his life, as the decision was taken and could not be reverted.[33] Back on Earth, the League decided to explore the surroundings of the Totality, trying to reach it and discover its secrets before others could. As the only members of the League physiologically able to compensate the powers of the Totality, Superman and the Manhunter were selected for the mission.

Both of them picked a partner tasked with the job of residing, miniaturized, inside their bodies, to eliminate the mutated cells the Totality would create inside them. J'onn, because of her great experience in centuries of battles, chose Hawkgirl.[34] Once there, J'onn made contact with the minds of some of the Source Wall's guardians, who came down with the object as well. In their minds, he saw confusing and terrible visions, and he was also attacked by the guardians, who wanted to kill him and called him First Abomination.[35] In a moment of peace, J'onn revealed to Superman he went to Thanagar to find The Keep, a martian who stored inside her mind all the history of his race.

J'onn wanted to know why his race was exterminated, and the Keep told him it was a coincidence, a random tragedy. But the visions J'onn saw in the minds of those guardians told otherwise: the Martians were part of a deeper, darker secret. J'onn was afraid to be the key to Doom. Taken by surprise, J'onn heard Superman confirm his thoughts and thank him. Soon after, he also discovered his friend was controlled by Lex Luthor, who laced through his brain while inside him. What he could not know was that the Joker soon would do the same with him.[36]

Getting back to the Hall of Justice, J'onn took part in a final, desperate counter to stop Lex from reaching the Totality, while Earth was in great risk of being absorbed by the dark powers of Umbrax. Together with John Stewart and the Flash, he opened his heart and let humanity see his weaknesses and fears, and their combined effort made Earth itself become a White Lantern. As Flash was then able to cast Umbrax away, harnessing the Still Force, the League stopped Luthor in his tracks, with Kendra able to take the Totality thanks to a connection she did not know she had with it.[37]

J'onn then decided to take on another mission: as the Flash told him about the visions he had while accessing the Still Force, the Manhunter, afraid of what these new truths meant for his race, took the decision of getting back to Thanagar, to once again question the Keep. He asked Hawkgirl and John Stewart to join him in his task, which they accepted to do. Before leaving, Superman and Batman confirmed to him that no matter what happens, the decision they took because of his words was still, in their hearts, the right one.[38]

Misson on Thanagar

Together with Hawkgirl and John Stewart, J'onn reached Thanagar Prime, the hidden center of the Thanagarian Empire. There lived the Keep, another Green Martian who held the knowledge of all of J'onn's race: the Manhunter hoped she could help him understand the visions he had while near the Totality, and also why Kendra's wings are connected with the object. Once there, they are welcomed by Shayera Hol, Empress of Thanagar, who took back her homeworld from the mad [Onimar Synn. Shayera told J'onn that the Keep was dead, and she excused herself for not having the sensibility to deliver a message to him. If they looked for answers in Thanagar, they would be disappointed. Still, Shayera offered them hospitality, asking them to stay on the planet during a traditional Thanagarian festivity.

Kendra soon made clear she was convinced that Shayera held secrets back from them, and wanted to investigate. While the festival started, the three Leaguers tried to find more information: noticing a dance floor offering a favorable point of view, Kendra asked J'onn to dance with her, leading the Martian to have a conflict with himself. He clearly felt something for Kendra, but he was still bonded to his wife. Soon, Kendra found out that Shayera was lying about the Keep, and that the Green Martian was held prisoner inside Thanagar Prime's intergalactic vault. Thanks to J'onn's psychic illusions, they were able to flee and hide before the Thanagarians could kill them.[39]

J'onn, who lived on Thanagar for a while, explained to his comrades that the central planet of the Empire was hidden because inside of it there was a vault, containing all the most dangerous or important objects of cultures of all the universe. That was also why the Keep lived there. J'onn then developed a plan to enter the vault unnoticed, so that he could find the Keep and talk with her. Succeeding in getting inside, the Manhunter found the Keep and learned from her that Thanagar Prime and its soldiers were all constructs she was tasked to make by Shayera, with a powered-up Absorbascon. Soon though, she would die, and the planet would revert to its original form.[40]

Justice League Vol 4 16 Textless

An astonishing revelation!

She also revealed to J'onn the visions he had were true: Martians were originally merged with Humans in another race, a race connected to a being called Perpetua, the mother of a Multiverse which came before the one they live in. Most importantly though, she revealed J'onn that in his past, while still a child, he was kidnapped from Hypertime by Lionel Luthor, who made experiments on him in an effort to recreate the Martian-Human hybrid that existed in the past. After telling this to J'onn, the Keep died and the constructs of the Absorbascon with her. Shayera was repented of her actions, and asked for forgiveness: the Universe was in fact afraid that if the Justice League went on with the research connected to the Totality, all reality may suffer a tremendous blow.

With new, terrible truths in his heart, J'onn came back to Earth together with the rest of the League, who came to Thanagar thanks to the powers of Starman.[41]

Apex Predator

After discovering he was kidnapped by Lionel Luthor in the past, J'onn decided to contact Lex Luthor alone, meeting him on Mars, to ask him explanations about why his father wanted J'onn's genetic material. Truthfully, the Martian Manhunter remembered that Lex, a kid at the time just like J'onn, helped the little Martian escape under the false name of Albie, because he was afraid to make J'onn discover he was Lionel's son. J'onn and Lex were friends when they were children, both victims of the insane machinations of Lionel.

J'onn tried to reach out to Lex, and make him side with Justice, but failed.[42] He then took part in the Justice League's expedition inside the Sixth Dimension, after Mr. Mxyzptlk gave them access to that dimension.[43] There, the Justice League found a Multiverse where Justice won, an utopia where the good reigned supreme over evil. In this paradise, he was married with Hawkgirl, and they had a son together, named Shayne. It is Shayne himself who revealed them that all this was not the future, but a completely separated Multiverse created by the World Forger, who was tricking them by taking on the aspect of an older Superman, while the real one was imprisoned.[44]

Together with the other members of the League, he was able to convince the World Forger to not overwrite the current Multiverse with the one he created, where anyone who did not side with Justice was either killed or imprisoned, but to fight alongside them in the real Multiverse.[45] Once back from the Sixth Dimension, J'onn and the League learned of the Offer made by Lex, to raise the Multiverse in the name of Doom, and J'onn guessed Luthor was still alive somewhere, faking his death to put emphasis on his words to all living creatures. He started to hunt him down, and found instead Lionel Luthor in Sacramento.[46]

He soon discovered that the Lionel he was fighting with was not real, but an Amazo construct of Professor Ivo, who was working for Lex, trying to recreate the hybrid species Perpetua made out of Martians and Humans, which Luthor and Ivo called Apex Predators. As Ivo tried to take genetic material from J'onn, Hawkgirl found him and helped him escape, also realizing Ivo was not the real one, but a machine as well. Getting out of the place, J'onn got contacted on a private telepathic channel by Lex, who told him to meet him, alone, in a certain place.[47] To make sure he was alone, J'onn had to put Kendra to sleep with his powers, with the promise of Lex that no harm would be done to her.

J'onn reached Lex's secret base, finding him transformed. Without realizing it, J'onn fell into Lex's trap: Luthor needed a Martian to complete his transformation in the Apex Predator, after he was exposed to all the seven negative forces of the Universe. In front of an impotent Kendra, J'onn's entire molecular structure was absorbed by Lex, leaving apparently no trace of the Martian Manhunter's consciousness.[48]

Return and Death Metal

While the Justice/Doom war conflict started, J'onn was still alive inside Lex Luthor, but unable to return to a physical shape. Thanks to the sacrifice of Shayne, who substituted himself to him, J'onn was resurrected, and was also filled with the power of the Justice Totality, a powerful part of the original Totality which gathered the seven positive forces of the Universe. Thanks to these powers, J'onn tried to contact the whole Multiverse with his mind, to revert the will of the Multiverse to side with Doom[49], but was unable to convince enough people. As Doom won over Justice, Perpetua tried to kill all the Justice League with one blow.

Justice League Vol 4 56 Textless

Against the Mindhunter!

She would have succeeded if not for the Quintessence, a group of all-powerful beings who found a way to make the Justice League able to counter Perpetua: they had to access the Anti-Crisis energy by entering an odyssey made of all their biggest adventures.[50] So the League started their mission, and they were able to gather the Anti-Crisis energy, but in the final fight against Perpetua, they lost. Coming back to Earth 0, they discovered that the Batman Who Laughs dethroned Lex as Perpetua's right hand, and that the deranged Batman was starting to transform their planet into what would become the Metalverse. After failing to stop the Batman who Laughs, J'onn was one of the heroes who got imprisoned inside New Apokolips.[51]

After Wonder Woman and Batman freed the heroes from their imprisonment[52], J'onn decided to take on the mission of destroying the Throne of Perpetua alone, facing both the Omega Knight and the Mindhunter, as he still was cursed by his guilt in letting the Totality fall to Earth in the first place.[53] Trapped by the Mindhunter, a Dark Multiverse version of Batman who modified himself with Martian DNA who was trying to steal J'onn's link with the other members of the League to unveil Wonder Woman's plan,[54] he was rescued by Hawkgirl, and the two decided to be serious about their love story. Then, he helped Kendra's team defeat the Omega Knight and free the Legion of Doom from Perpetua's Throne.[55]

As the Batman who Laughs, now transformed into the Darkest Knight, killed Perpetua and launched the final assault against the Multiverse, J'onn fought alongside the others against the forces of the Last 52.[56] After the heroes won, thanks to Wonder Woman's sacrifice, he took part on the Totality project, becoming a member of the secret alliance between heroes and villains to protect reality itself. While there, he was part of the team studying the undergoing mutations of their Multiverse, consequence of the deal Wonder Woman made with the Hands.[57]

Infinite Frontier


  • Martian Physiology: The average Martian possesses the potential for the following power set:
    • Shape-Shifting: Martians have psionic control of their physical for down to the molecular level. This allows them to a form of shape-shifting that allows them to mimic other forms, elongate aspects of their body, increase or decrease their physical size, and so on.
      • Size Alteration: As an extension of their shape-shifting abilities, Martians can easily alter their size, shrinking or growing to gigantic size.[58]
    • Invisibility: Martians can cause the biopolymers in their bodies to lose their ability to reflect light, making the Martians invisible to normal light and human sight.[59]
    • Phasing: Martians can go through solid matter.
    • Superhuman Strength:[59] Martians possess vast levels of superhuman strength and are among the few races that are able to match Kryptonians in terms of raw strength. Martians can easily shatter reinforced concrete and steel, lift and carry hundreds of tons with ease and deliver incredible damage with their blows.[60]
    • Superhuman Stamina
    • Superhuman Durability: Martians possess high levels of durability that make them nigh-invulnerable to all forms of damage. Martians can withstand high-caliber bullets, powerful energy blasts, and kinetic impacts without suffering damage.[61]
    • Superhuman Speed: Martians can process thoughts, move, and react at incredible speed, being able to cover vast distances in little or no time, catch bullets in mid-flight, run on water and create afterimages as they run.[62]
    • Regeneration: Martians have powerful regenerative powers that enable them to regenerate their entire body from a severed limb, they can further enhance their regenerative powers by drawing mass from nearby sources.[63]
    • Flight[59]
    • Extrasensory Input
    • Longevity[63]
    • Super Hearing[63]
    • Heat Vision[64]
    • Martian Vision: Martian visual acuity greatly exceed human norms and allows for a wider range of information to be observed. This includes the following:[59]
    • Telepathy: Martians have the ability to read the minds of others and project their thoughts to varying degrees. They can also project their mental essences into a gestalt community known as the "Great Mind". Through this, the community can enhance the telepathic strength of other Martians. This power can also enable them to reverse the effects of amnesia or psychological brainwashing. [59]
    • Telekinesis:[68] Martians have mind-over-matter abilities and can lift and move objects with their minds. They can also employ their telekinesis in an offensive way by discharging telekinetic blasts capable of great concussive power.[69]

  • Manhunter Augmentation: As a living weapon of the martian race, J'onn J'onzz grew into a few powers others of his species did not.[1] Such as the ability to arsenalize his metamorphic biomass in more creative and unconventional ways.[70]
    • Organic Construct Creation: J'onn showcased the ability to metamorphos advanced bio-organic weaponry from his own body at will, all of which is powered by his psychokinetic energies as both an energy source and munition's generator.[71]
      • Biological Wears Fabrication: The Martian Manhunter is capable of divesting pieces of his own biomass as perishable armaments, equipment or protective wear which he can use or share with others.
    • Bio-Fusion: J'onn's shapeshifting abilities are so pronounced he could fuse himself into whatever substance he wished too. Turning a mechanical martian city sized battle suit into a new body with which he could pilot and operate.[72]
    • Bio-Fission: He could even replicate himself to an almost indefinite degree, creating thousands if not millions of multi-colored cast off's of himself by force of will.[29] J'onn can just as simply re-absorb his duplicates back into himself if needed.
      • Aspect Expulsion: Whenever J'onn replicates he often pushes parts of his psyche out into the world as well, with many of his duplicates embodying a portion of his own core personality.[73]
    • Adaptation: What truly sets a Manhunter class Martian's metamorphosis apart from other Martian's is the spontaneous adjustment of their Sub-molecular physiology on the fly. Be it with or without conscious thought in order to overcome most any kind of threat.[72]



  • Vulnerability to Fire: Martians are much more vulnerable to fire than the average Earth human. At times this has been portrayed as physical, psychological, or a combination of the two. The effect of this is to strip any Martian of their powers as they involuntarily lose control of their body. J'onn has stated that his reaction is relative to the flame, a birthday cake will make him tense but won't make him wilt.[2]

  • J'onn J'onzz is older of two twins, whose name means light for light.[citation needed]
  • J'onn J'onzz owns a cat named Double Stuff, presumably named for his love of Chocos.[9]



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