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J. Devlin Davenport was a neighbor of Bruce Wayne.

Davenport is a wealthy real estate developer and socialite who lives in the upper-class Crest Hill section of Gotham County. He is a neighbor of Bruce Wayne and Jack Drake. Whereas Wayne puts on the façade of being a foppish, arrogant, billionaire playboy, J. Devlin Davenport embodies that lifestyle to the hilt. He occasionally visits Wayne Manor and invites Bruce to play golf or tennis with him. His favorite sport however is Squash. Davenport has a tendency of referring to Wayne as "Brucie", a nickname that Bruce undoubtedly finds irritating. Davenport is an important figure in Gotham's social elite, and is a ubiquitious presence at nearly all of Gotham City's high society functions.

During the earthquake that devastated much of Gotham, many of Davenport's properties were destroyed, and he lost millions of dollars - a great deal of his land was purchased by his friend Bruce Wayne. However, after the city's year as a No Man's Land, he continued to invest in Gotham property.