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J. Scott Campbell (b. April 12, 1973) is a comic book writer and artist.

Personal History

Campbell was born in East Tawas, Michigan. Early on, he and his family moved to Denver, Colorado. He is the eldest of his two siblings, a younger sister and a younger brother. He moved to San Diego in 1993 where he currently resides.

Professional History

Scott Campbell is an American comic book artist. He began his career in 1993 working for WildStorm Productions on the w:c:valiant:Valiant Comics/Image Comics crossover title Deathmate. In 1999 he was hired by DC Comics to work on the Batman title. He is probably best known for his work for Marvel Comics on the Spider-Man title series with writer Jeph Loeb.

Most recently he has been working for Marvel's X-Men and as an Illustrator and designer for some videogames.

Work History

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