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"Strange Adventures": In the DC Universe, members of the Justice League reminisce on Doctor Doom's recent imprisonment within the Source Wall. Hawkeye, who left his native universe to become a member of the League, flirts with Black Canary, causing Green Arrow to become extremely jealous. In imi

Quote1.png There are millions, maybe billions, dead or dying in the worlds as they are. Can we choose their deaths, because they're easier to bear? Quote2.png
Green Lantern (Hal Jordan)

JLA/Avengers #3 is an issue of the series Avengers/JLA (Volume 1) with a cover date of December, 2003.

Synopsis for "Strange Adventures"

In the DC Universe, members of the Justice League reminisce on Doctor Doom's recent imprisonment within the Source Wall. Hawkeye, who left his native universe to become a member of the League, flirts with Black Canary, causing Green Arrow to become extremely jealous. In imitating Dinah, parroting "Hawkeye, Hawkeye, Hawkeye..." the universe "hiccups" and he accidentally says "Hawkman". While Oliver knows something is wrong, the rest of the League simply thinks it was an accident. The Flash suggests they head back to the Watchtower to inform the Avengers of this revelation.

In the Marvel Universe, the Avengers just won a battle with Brainiac and are discussing the outcome. While most of the Avengers remain optimistic, Captain America is unsettled, and feels that something is wrong, other than the notion that a Justice League villain has entered into the Avengers' universe. To that avail, the Wasp informs the rest of the team that she had reached out to the Justice League to discuss these very things. Both teams head to the Avengers Mansion, and Green Arrow and Hawkeye bicker and argue over who is the better archer. In a separate atrium, Steve observes a painting; this painting was supposed to feature the Justice League contacting the Justice Society through magic, but for some reason features the Avengers contacting the Justice League. When Steve becomes even more unsettled and tries to inform the two teams of his uncertainty, another "hiccup" occurs and Steve suddenly finds himself in the Justice League Watchtower, in the middle of a Hawaiian themed luau party.

Having been transported across time and space, Steve becomes even more concerned. Elsewhere on the tower, Leaguers and Avengers alike are having fun and reminiscing on events and history past that have seemingly occurred between the two teams. Thor notices Superman distancing himself from the party, and seeks to comfort him. Superman reveals his uneasiness and uncertainty with these events, and begins to remember the League's clash with the Avengers; the universe, however, "hiccups" once more and places Superman back in the Avengers Mansion, speaking with the Martian Manhunter instead of Thor.

Both of their attentions are drawn to Captain America outbursting in front of both the League and the Avengers. Superman is disturbed, but only because he sees that Captain is also uneasy in this universe. Both of the heroic teams attempt to calm Steve down, and recount events and alliances between them, including conflicts with Ultron-4 and Amazo, Kang and the Lord of Time, and the Grim Reaper and the Key. In the basement, Batman and Iron Man are perturbed by the "hiccups" in the universe, and are attempting to trace the source of the disturbances back to its perpetrator. However, they are called upstairs to witness Steve's outrage as he singles out Superman as being the reason for the "reality bending". Kal voices his own distaste for Steve, and the two heroes clash. In doing so, they seemingly warp space and time to phenomenal proportions.

Much later, the Vision locates Aquaman in what appears to be Metropolis, destroyed by a cataclysmic blizzard. When Aquaman attempts to attack the Vision, he sees that he has his left hand back, and questions whether or not that should be real or not. Vision says that his memory is clouded and foggy, and advises that the two should work together instead of fighting each other. They explore the ruins of Metropolis and come across the remains of the Daily Planet building. Vision increases his audio sensitivity, and reveals that there are enemies waiting in the wings to attack the pair. As if on cue, gunfire rains down on them and Aquaman is shielded by the incredibly dense android. When Vision suggests retreating in the face of powerful enemies, Aquaman pounces on the thugs, and Vision relinquishes logic for the time being. However, the pair are nearly defeated by a combination of Poison Ivy, Sonar and Banshee until Captain America, Green Lantern, Iron Man, Thor, and Wonder Woman appear to free them.

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  • Hal Jordan calls the Earth of the Avengers "Earth-2" and a picture of one of their meetings is a variant of the cover for Justice League of America #21 is shown.
  • The cameo of Eternity and Kismet has in a lover's embrace.

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JLA/Avengers is a 2003 intercompany crossover miniseries published by DC Comics and Marvel Comics.