"Destiny: Part 4": Jor-El discovers that Khouriga Edjem is actually an interplanetary conqueror named Mongul. Lex Luthor had landed on one of the planets Mongul was trying to conquer, and had organized its defense; Mongul was able to eventually capture the planet and kill Luthor, though he was i

JLA: Destiny #4 is an issue of the series JLA: Destiny (Volume 1) with a cover date of September, 2002. It was published on July 4, 2002.

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  • Jor-El's Escape Spaceship

Synopsis for "Destiny: Part 4"

Jor-El discovers that Khouriga Edjem is actually an interplanetary conqueror named Mongul. Lex Luthor had landed on one of the planets Mongul was trying to conquer, and had organized its defense; Mongul was able to eventually capture the planet and kill Luthor, though he was impressed by Luthor's abilities. Mongul then decided to use Jor-El's ship to travel back to Earth and conquer it.

Meanwhile, J'onn J'onzz reveals to Destiny that the original Manhunter, Paul Kirk, had died years earlier, and J'onzz had assumed his identity; it was actually J'onzz that Destiny had married. The mission on which he, the Clock and Green Lantern had disappeared was to investigate Mongul's ship after it arrived on Earth. Mongul captured Green Lantern, killed the Clock, and believed he had killed J'onzz, who actually survived as a disembodied mind because of his psychic powers. Destiny's apparent psychic power was actually J'onzz sending messages to her telepathically.

Mongul used a parasitic plant called the Black Mercy to take control of Green Lantern's mind, and has been using Green Lantern and his power ring to create the energy he used to rebuild Kamburu. J'onzz is able to enter Green Lantern's mind and reveal the truth of his imprisonment to him. J'onzz also gives Destiny the information needed to reverse the American crop failure; with his mission completed, J'onzz fades away.

The Justice League mounts a final attack on Mongul; Captain Thunder, Marksman, Midnight, and Widow are apparently killed in the attack, leaving Wonder Woman the only survivor. Fortunately, Jor-El joins them and is able to capture Mongul, fly him into space in his ship, and then destroy it.

The issue ends with Destiny and Thomas Wayne somberly listening to a radio about the League's death, with Wayne giving a toast to Midnight and stating: "Nobody lives forever."


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