"Foreign Bodies": Kobra wants to take over the world and needs the moon base of the JLA as a bridgehead. With the help of Psykosis, he stages global catastrophes to keep the JLA busy. As the

JLA: Foreign Bodies is a one-shot published in 1999.

Synopsis for "Foreign Bodies"

Kobra wants to take over the world and needs the moon base of the JLA as a bridgehead. With the help of Psykosis, he stages global catastrophes to keep the JLA busy. As the heroes try to stop robot Nazis and dangerous weather events, they are plagued by visions of some of their greatest fears: Aquaman being unfit to rule Atlantis, Superman watching in horror as Krypton explodes and he cannot save it, etc. Several of them realize that this is all a ruse and Martian Manhunter shields them from this psychic attack.

Once he does, this allows Psykosis to mentally bond with all of the JLA and force their consciousness into different bodies:

  • Batman's and Superman swap bodies
  • Green Lantern is in Martian Manhunter's and is a liquid mess
  • Steel is now the Green Lantern, unable to use his Power Ring
  • The Flash's mind has difficult moving in Steel's Third Armor
  • The Martian Manhunter inhabits Aquaman and has only a small fraction of his previous mental abilities.
  • Aquaman wonders what Mera will make of him stuck in Wonder Woman's frame
  • Wonder Woman gets trapped in the villain's body while Psykosis' consciousness goes into The Flash and becomes virtually catatonic.

Several Leaguers not present at the battle remain unaffected: Huntress, Oracle, Plastic Man, and Zauriel help their comrades to get oriented to their new bodies. Batman quickly figures out this is the work of Kobra and the JLA continues to fight back when more global emergencies appear.

Some heroes who are particularly ineffective stay at the Watchtower but the headquarters is bombarded with missiles. On Earth, Kobra emerges from a chamber where he has been strapped into an elaborate machine that connected him to Psykosis during his attack: his body is actually inhabited by Superman and his mind is in Batman's body. Appearing as Batman, he is able to easily sabotage the defense systems of the moon base for the invasion of his troops.

Superman in Kobra's body uses the terrorist's elaborate technology to send out a beacon that Batman in Superman's body can hear: the two heroes can now team up to defeat Kobra on the Moon. Wonder Woman slowly comes to grips with being in Psykosis' body and uses his latent mental powers to discover Kobra's plan: the heroes on the Moon fight back against Kobra in Batman's body.

Green Lantern as the Martian Manhunter starts to control his new form's vast powers and with Wonder Woman establishes a mental link between Green Lantern's mind and body to allow Steel to use the Power Ring. They fend off Kobra's invading forces and Superman in Kobra's body on Earth gathers his terrestrial teammates in Kobra's compound.

They reunited in the Watchtower but lose track of Kobra in Batman's body. As Superman inhabiting Kobra goes to look for him, he is ambushed and the two fight. Wonder Woman manages to use Psykosis' abilities to reestablish their proper bodies but Kobra immediately teleports away before being brought to justice.

The Leaguers all have a newfound respect for one another's abilities and a deeper trust for being able to understand the others' strengths and weaknesses.

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