"Island of the Mighty": In Africa, the City of Kinshasa is attacked by a terrorist group. With the JLA nowhere to be found, the International Ultramarine Corps charges in to the rescue.

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JLA Classified #1 is an issue of the series JLA Classified (Volume 1) with a cover date of January, 2005. It was published on November 3, 2004.

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  • Flying Saucer

Synopsis for "Island of the Mighty"

In Africa, the City of Kinshasa is attacked by a terrorist group. With the JLA nowhere to be found, the International Ultramarine Corps charges in to the rescue.

As the team storms the city, Knight and Jack O'Lantern attempt to rescue the hostages, while Warmaker One and Goraiko deal with the terrorists. Back on Superbia, Knight's sidekick, Squire, does reconnaissance from above.

Jack O'Lantern enters the Palace, but discovers a strange cube instead of the hostages. When Knight goes in after him, he encounters a battered Jack, and the leader of the terrorists—Gorilla Grodd.

Grodd has eaten the President along with the hostages, and plans to eat anyone who opposes him. Knight stuns Grodd with a microwave gun and drives off with Jack in tow. As the Knight drives his motorcycle off the roof, Glob senses "cosmic particle emissions" coming from the Palace, sending Warmaker One and The Master to investigate.

While Goraiko takes down Grodd, Squire notes that the emissions seem to come from the strange cube, and match with an old JLA enemy called the Nebula Man. Warmaker One and the Master find the cube, and the Master discovers that the cube is sentient.

Grodd overpowers the mind of Goraiko and reveals his plan: with the JLA missing, he attacked Kinshasa to lure the Ultramarine Corps, bringing their headquarters, the floating city of Superbia, above the city.

Using a massive EMP detonation by causing Goraiko's heart to skip a beat, Grodd is able to bring the Superbia crashing down.

As the city falls, Squire escapes on a jet bike, Grodd destroys Warmaker's shell, and the Master is absorbed into the cube.

In the Batcave, Batman receives a phone call from Squire, requesting his help against Grodd's forces. Batman agrees, and accesses a secret store of advanced alien weaponry and takes his "flying saucer" to retrieve Squire.

Back in Kinshasa, Grodd reveals his plan to rid the world of the "human cancer" using mind controlled Ultramarines. The Master, now possessed by the cube's power, calls itself "Neh-Buh-Loh", and claims to prepare the way for his Queen, and herald the end of this world.

Batman rescues Squire from Grodd's soldiers, and the two Boom Tube to a JLA remote lab on Pluto. He reveals to her that the reason the JLA are not around is that they got lost in "the Infant Universe of Qwewq". Batman activate some JLA robots to keep anyone from knowing they're gone, while the Squire tries to contact them in Qwewq.


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  • Squire notes that Grodd ranks number three on the latest "Global Most Wanted" list: no less than 18 serious attempts to 'exterminate all traces of human resistance' .
  • Batman notes that the current Knight is the son of the original English Batman, Percy Sheldrake, the Earl of Wordenshire. Cyril replaced him when his father was murdered by his arch-enemy, Springheeled Jack, the "evil black sheep of the Royal Family".
  • The JLA's first encounter with Nebula Man goes back to Justice League of America #100.

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