"Secret History, Sacred Trust: Part IV of VI": Superman, Batman, Faith and the Flash are concerned about the disappearances of Wonder Woman and [[Kyle Rayner (N

JLA Classified #29 is an issue of the series JLA Classified (Volume 1) with a cover date of January, 2007. It was published on November 8, 2006.

Synopsis for "Secret History, Sacred Trust: Part IV of VI"

Superman, Batman, Faith and the Flash are concerned about the disappearances of Wonder Woman and Green Lantern. They convene telepathically with the Martian Manhunter who informs them of Aquaman's royal snit over the situation. Faith and Batman discuss whether or not Aquaman's attitude will jeopardize their mission but Superman cuts them off and suggests that they find Green Lantern and Wonder Woman fast to make their concerns moot.

Kyle and Diana have been captured and held in Del Canto and Santa Bertriza respectively, and refuse to give their captor's any information aside from the cover story that they are from the opposition and that they want to defect.

At the United Nations, President Horne and J'onn are introduced to Schuyler Cristoffels by Dutch U.N. Representative Van Derkli. Schuyler is the C.E.O. of a Dutch-based multinational corporation with ties to both Del Canto and Santa Bertriza and is about to address the General Assembly on what can be done after the events in those countries reach their natural conclusion. Horne tries to argue with Schuyler but J'onn councils caution and Horne allows it to pass.

Meanwhile, Batman and Superman do some reconnaissance to find out more about what turned the soldiers into metahumans. The Flash uses his speed to spy on both President Paco de la Fuente and Victor Blasco simultaneously. Diana and Kyle are taken to their cells and once they are left alone they contact J'onn. The Manhunter also locates Aquaman and gives the king a situation report, including the fact that Kyle swallowed his ring to hide it, an act that impresses Aquaman.

The heroes reconvene and discuss their findings with J'onn bringing Kyle and Diana into the discussion telepathically. They compare notes and discuss the fact that the metahumans soldiers have abilities that can be broken down into winged metas, organics, telekinetics and telepsionics. The abilities also appear to make those who possess them ill. Flash wonders if the two countries have been stealing from each other but Bruce has another theory which involves the metahuman equivalent of an international arms trade and that some unknown third party is using Del Canto and Santa Bertriza and the soldiers as a laboratory experiment.

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