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"That Was Now, This is Then, Part One: High Frontier": While Flash and Green Lantern are playing a game of one-on-one basketball, Martian Manhunter is silently patrolling the halls of the [[Justice League Watcht

Quote1.png He nearly destroyed the league before. We thought him vanquished... with his return, the Earth itself is in jeopardy! Quote2.png
Martian Manhunter

JLA Classified #50 is an issue of the series JLA Classified (Volume 1) with a cover date of March, 2008. It was published on January 9, 2008.

Synopsis for "That Was Now, This is Then, Part One: High Frontier"

While Flash and Green Lantern are playing a game of one-on-one basketball, Martian Manhunter is silently patrolling the halls of the Watchtower when the base's radar picks up meteor storm activity several kilometers south of their location. He is not worried as the storm should not pose any immediate threat to the base. However, a rock-like humanoid creature with golden hands and head emerges from the craters and is able to hear Martian Manhunter's distant thoughts and heads towards the Watchtower.

The alarms sound throughout the Watchtower, signaling that an unknown object is en route to the base's location and forces Flash and Green Lantern to join Martian Manhunter in preparation of the incoming threat. The creature, which is a transformed Titus, smashes through the walls of the Watchtower and begins to fight the three heroes waiting for him. While fighting them Titus admits that he has fought the JLA before but, at that time, it was made up of different members. Titus overpowers the League members by sending an electrical current through Martian Manhunter's body sending him into a coma. He then uses rays from his eyes to turbo-charge Flash and causes him to disappear and then proceeds to knock Green Lantern unconscious.

Green Lantern's Power Ring then sends a signal to Wonder Woman, Superman, Batman, and Atom explaining the situation to them. The Watchtower's transport tubes have only 5% power remaining, not nearly enough to transport a full-bodied individual, however, Atom is able to make himself small enough to use the tubes while Superman and Batman hitch a ride with Wonder Woman in her Invisible Jet. Atom finds the unconscious Martian Manhunter and concussed Green Lantern and, with a little help from Green Lantern's Power Ring, moves them to the infirmary where he notices that Martian Manhunter's central nervous system appears fried.

The others arrive at the Watchtower and Superman and Wonder Woman engage Titus in a fight. Wonder Woman uses her Lasso of Truth to subdue Titus, who in his transformed state is unrecognizable to them, and demands to know his name, to which Titus replies he is "the Lord God of this Sphere". Titus then uses Wonder Woman's lasso to tie her and Superman together and then knocks them both unconscious which leaves only Batman, Atom, and an injured Green Lantern to face him. Martian Manhunter desperately tries to reach out telepathically from his unconscious state to warn Green Lantern and the others that he knows the identity of the monster and that they are all in great danger but none of them are able to hear his warnings.

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