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"Prometheus Unbound": Continuing Prometheus' assault on the Justice League and the assembled news media in the Watchtower, he shoots the Flash and [[Kyle Rayner (New Eart

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JLA #17 is an issue of the series JLA (Volume 1) with a cover date of April, 1998.

Synopsis for "Prometheus Unbound"

Continuing Prometheus' assault on the Justice League and the assembled news media in the Watchtower,[1] he shoots the Flash and Green Lantern Kyle Rayner in the chest. Steel figures out a way to overcome the computer virus controlling his armor immediately after the throws his Kinetic Hammer. The weapon would blow a hole through the Watchtower walls but Plastic Man walks into its path unwittingly and Steel recalls the hammer so the two of them can regroup to fight Prometheus. The villain has the news media trapped by the escape pods and demands that Superman Blue kill himself and he will let the civilians survive. Catwoman drops her cover as Cat Grant and whips Prometheus in the groin, while a recuperated Huntress arrives in time to save her from his gun. Steel's technology overtakes Prometheus' armor, putting it under the hero's control and the Justice League descends upon him but he uses his Cosmic Key to disappear to the Phantom Zone at the last moment, vowing revenge before he goes.

A Boom Tube opens in the Watchtower and Takion appears with Big Barda and Orion, offering them as liaisons for the League and the New Gods to defeat the upcoming menace predicted by Metron.

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