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"Crisis Times Five Part Four Gods & Masters": Zauriel and Sentinel free the The Spectre who is looking for revenge.

Quote1.png I know you were dealt a rough hand, but all you had to do was talk to us; you were a fine Leaguer, Will. You'd have been welcome anytime. Quote2.png

JLA #31 is an issue of the series JLA (Volume 1) with a cover date of July, 1999.

Synopsis for "Crisis Times Five Part Four Gods & Masters"

Zauriel and Sentinel free the The Spectre who is looking for revenge.

On the moon, Aquaman and Batman fight Triumph and his mind controlled compatriots, The Ray and Gypsy. Triumph and co. defeat them.

In the Fifth Dimension, Captain Marvel and Green Lantern convince the "police" to support them stopping the genies in the third dimension which is Earth. Captain Marvel also develops a way to merge both Lkz and Thunderbolt. Qwsp gets tired of waiting for the Leaguers to make a decision about who to sacrifice and he kills Wildcat. Jakeem Thunder takes down Qwsp, ending the battle between the genies.

On the moon, Superman wakes up and fights Triumph. Steel has adapted the watchtower to become his armor and uses it to aid Superman in defeating Triumph. The Spectre arrives and freezes Triumph solid. Now he wants to kill Triumph but Zauriel stops him. Instead Triumph will be put into the JLA trophy room.

In Keystone City, Wildcat comes back to life, telling everyone that he was given nine lives in 1945.

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