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"Woman of Tomorrow": Professor Ivo and Professor T.O. Morrow raise their glasses in a toast to Tomorrow.

Quote1.png "Freedom"? The word isn't even present in her vocabulary. I should know: I left it out. Quote2.png
Professor Ivo

JLA #5 is an issue of the series JLA (Volume 1) with a cover date of May, 1997.

Synopsis for "Woman of Tomorrow"

Professor Ivo and Professor T.O. Morrow raise their glasses in a toast to Tomorrow.

Superman and Java attend Metamorpho's funeral. Superman flies to Batman's cave and uses his teleporter to go to the JLA Watchtower. The League meets and begins the selection process for its new candidates.

One of the new candidates who is accepted is Tomorrow Woman. After she finishes with JLA missions, Tomorrow Woman returns home to the warehouse where Ivo and Morrow are headquartering themselves. It turns out that Tomorrow Woman is an android created by Ivo and Morrow, whom they made her as a living bomb to eliminating the JLA.

On another mission with the JLA, Tomorrow Woman ultimately disobeys her creators' commands and sacrifices herself to save the world. Much to Ivo's surprise, Morrow actually hoped that this would happen but only more than he expected because he designed Tomorrow Woman's brain he himself had created was sophisticated and human enough to develop her own personality and feelings. Shortly afterward, Morrow and Ivo are caught by the JLA. Superman sees to Tomorrow Woman's funeral.

Appearing in "Woman of Tomorrow"

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  • First appearance of Tomorrow Woman. She makes a chronologically earlier appearance in flashback JLA: Tomorrow Woman #1. Her next actual appearance is also in JLA: Tomorrow Woman #1.
  • Java's appearance at Metamorpho's memorial service is likely in error as he was killed by Simon Stagg in Metamorpho (Volume 2) #2.
  • Despite its relative standalone nature, this issue is very deeply entrenched in the DC Universe's continuity (and, by proxy, even beyond!):
    • The four-page story "Lost Pages: The "New" Superman meets the JLA!" from JLA Secret Files and Origins #1 takes place between pages 5 and 6 of this issue.
    • The main plot of Green Lantern (Volume 3) #87 takes place between pages 21 and 22 of this issue, since Green Lantern #87 features a JLA meeting early on where Superman references the recent "death" of Tomorrow Woman, presumably still before her burial at the end of this issue.
    • The plot of the aforementioned JLA: Tomorrow Woman #1 is written around this issue, presumably taking place in between pages 13 and 14.
    • Furthermore, the beginning of Green Lantern #87 also takes place concurrently with the DC/Marvel crossover issue Unlimited Access #1, since Access disappears at one point during Unlimited Access #1, and when he reappears, he references his encounter with Jade (complete with flashback and footnote), which occurred in Green Lantern #87.
    • Aztek's tryout in Aztek: The Ultimate Man #10 takes place between pages 8 and 9. That issue reveals that Superboy and Ultra the Multi-Alien were also present at the tryouts. The rest of the issue is a follow-up to Professor Ivo's capture by the League, and it ends with Aztek's initiation into the JLA.


  • The entire plot of a new "hero" character set up as a "Trojan Horse" by villains to infiltrate a superhero team, only to sacrifice themselves in order to save the team, is essentially recycled from Marvel's classic Avengers #9, the first appearance of Wonder Man.
  • Tomorrow Woman's explanation of herself as being a new species of advanced humanity with a telekinetic brain is similar to Captain Comet.

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