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:* {{a|[[Ronald Raymond (New Earth)|Firestorm]]}}
:* {{a|[[Ronald Raymond (New Earth)|Firestorm]]}}
:* {{a|[[Paul Booker (New Earth)|Major Disaster]]}}
:* {{a|[[Paul Booker (New Earth)|Major Disaster]]}}
:* {{a|[[Faith (New Earth)|Faith]}}] {{1st}}
:* {{a|[[Faith (New Earth)|Faith]}} {{1st}}
'''Supporting Characters:'''
'''Supporting Characters:'''
* {{a|[[Justice Society of America|JSA]]}}
* {{a|[[Justice Society of America|JSA]]}}

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{{DC Database:Comic Template | Title = JLA | Image = JLA 69.jpg | Volume = 1 | Issue = 68 | Month = October | Year = 2002

| Executive Editor = Dan DiDio | CoverArtist1 = Doug Mahnke | CoverArtist2 = Tom Nguyen

| Editor1_1 = Dan Raspler | Editor1_2 = Stephen Wacker | Writer1_1 = Joe Kelly | Penciler1_1 = Yvel Guichet | Inker1_1 = Mark Propst | Colourist1_1 = David Baron | Letterer1_1 = Ken Lopez

| Quotation = The JLA are dead... but the JLA can never die. It's too important, both practically and symbolically. | Speaker = Batman, in a video to the draftees

| StoryTitle1 = New Blood | Synopsis1 = After the disappearance of the Justice League, a month passes. During this time, Chicago is attacked by the extortionist called Plague, Nebraska suffers a crippling drought, Metropolis suffers a terrible crimewave, London is attacked by demons, a rock creature attacks an alien settlement, and a sandstorm monster starts attacking people around the Egyptian pyramids. All of these result in emergency calls to the Watchtower, and all the calls are logged by the computer. After a month, the computer activates deep command Omega Gabriel Alpha: to replace the Justice League with the help of a mysterious assistant.

On Atlantis, Atom, Tempest, and Zatanna are working on the portal, attempting to re-open it. After they are successful, the Atom gets depressed, noting that, despite knowing next to nothing of the other side of the portal, they still sent the JLA in. Zatanna attempts to be optimistic, but a collection of flying orbs break through the atmosphere above them, and one heads for the Atom. Telling Zatanna to take a break from examining the portal to gather info on magical energies on Atlantis which may have interfered; he has been "drafted".

Around the world, others are being contacted by the orbs: Green Arrow, Jason Blood, Hawkgirl, Firestorm, the supervillain Major Disaster, and an unknown woman named Faith. Captain Marvel is also offered the position, but he declines the offer.

On Atlantis, Zatanna takes the Atom's advice, calling on the magics to "reveal themselves." She is suddenly attacked by a giant earthen hand with a condescending manner.

In the Watchtower, the draftees, are being briefed by a video Batman made for this eventuality. Green Arrow doesn't quite take it seriously, until the recording asks him to shut up - proving that Batman had truly prepared for anything. The recording then introduces them to the mysterious assistant - Nightwing, the man Batman refers to as "the only one I could have picked to lead you."

| Appearing1 = Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


  • Plague

Other Characters:

  • None



  • Tempest's magic trident
  • Batman's T-Spheres


| Notes = * This issue shipped on August 14, 2002

  • Due to alternating storylines during this arc, this roster appeared next in JLA #71.

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