""Transition"": In the Watchtower, the new JLA is filing into the meeting room for their first day; Firestorm is awestruck, Green Arrow is trying to strike up a relationship w

Quote1.png Are you finished? Because there are about a half million other things we can be doing to save lives rather than stand in the United Nations and be insulted. Quote2.png
The Atom

JLA #71 is an issue of the series JLA (Volume 1) with a cover date of November, 2002. It was published on September 11, 2002.

Synopsis for "Transition"

In the Watchtower, the new JLA is filing into the meeting room for their first day; Firestorm is awestruck, Green Arrow is trying to strike up a relationship with Faith (though Hawkgirl ably derails his efforts), Major Disaster is trying to be friends with everyone, and Jason Blood is withdrawn. When Nightwing is late, an argument develops over who should lead the meeting, but Nightwing arrives and talks them down; impressing on them the importance of their role.

Their first mission is in Tokyo—due to the shifting of the world's water, sea levels have dropped around the city, leading to earthquakes and volcanic activity. After the heroes evacuate some buildings, Firestorm converts them to water to stop the lava, Major Disaster stops the earthquake with his disaster-powers, and Faith catches falling buildings with her telekinesis.

Later, Nightwing and The Atom put in a call to Zatanna on Atlantis. She informs them that she has found nothing, and the magicians on site will be packing up to make room for the STAR Labs team tomorrow. Stumped, the two heroes say goodbye. However, Zatanna has been subverted by the earthen hand, has incapacitated everyone on the island, and is about to capture Tempest.

At the Watchtower, the Justice League are engaged in after-action reports. The drought is worldwide, but Japan is the epicenter of the phenomenon; however, nothing around Japan seems out of the ordinary. Firestorm offers to turn the Earth's crust to water to help, but the Atom talks him down. Jason Blood is performing a shielding spell in the Monitor Womb (while naked—to the consternation of Green Arrow and the approval of Faith and Hawkgirl). Nightwing does not approve, but is understanding.

Then the team goes to a press conference at the UN (without Nightwing). The Atom takes the floor, but he is forced to deal with the newsmen, who want to understand what happened to the previous Justice League. Worst of all, he has to confront the questions of Lois Lane, who wants to know what is being done to find the Leaguers.

On Atlantis, Tempest has been defeated by the earth creature, who has stolen his magic trident. Through Zatanna, the creature tells him "Atlantis is risen. Atlantis is stronger than she has been in eons, and I promise you... she will not sink again." Then it starts planning to acquire more metahumans.

At the Watchtower, Nightwing is asking Jason Blood for news of the Justice League. All Jason Blood can say, however, is that there is no sign of the heroes anywhere in the afterlife, and no-one knows what happened to them. Losing his temper, Nightwing demands an audience with Etrigan, but Blood talks him down. Nightwing admits that he doubts his own strength to do the job.

Suddenly, the Atom has a breakthrough. The drought is artificial—something is speeding up the evaporation portion of the water cycle, an simultaneously draining aquifers worldwide from below. The center of the phenomenon is Atlantis. Putting in a call to Zatanna, Nightwing expects an answer but instead, the camera has been pointed at the apparent skeleton of Superman, dead for millenia, skewered on a trident marked with one word: "COME".

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