The Justice League Axis is an alternate version of the Justice League of America. On their Earth, Earth-10, Germany won World War II.


The Nazi party took over the entire world with Adolf Hitler still alive as acting Führer. The JL-Axis acts as superpowered agents of the party. One of the traits of this Earth's society is that people are separated by their genes. Those with the strongest are taken away to breeding centers where they are forced to mate, while those with the weakest genes are killed in mass genocides.

When Monarch began to seek out superpowered beings on each earth to create an army to battle the Monitors, he had Viza Aziv, Forerunner, a native to Earth-48, travel to alternate Earths to scout potential members.[1] Given that her own humanoid species was wiped out in an analogous act of genocide when it waged war against the other nine inhabited planets of her Earth's solar system, Forerunner is disgusted with the underlying philosophy of this world. She attacks members of a Nazi contingent engaging in ethnic cleansing (an outgrowth of the Nazi Party's policy of eugenics) in Kansas, and attracts the attention of the JL-Axis. She manages to defeat the entire team, and Monarch arrives to offer them a position in his army.


The team's first appearance was as a cameo in 52 Week 52, when Rip Hunter and Booster Gold began chasing after the nearly all-powerful Mister Mind into the new multiverse. At first, every alternate earth was an exact copy of New Earth, the keystone Earth through which the other fifty-one earths were created. But as a consequence of Mister Mind eating bits of time off each other Earth, they were drastically altered.

According to Countdown to Adventure #2, JL-Axis consists of five members. Whether this is the core membership of the organization, or whether there are other members remains to be seen. Superman/(Uberman?) of Earth 10 is blond, and sports a swastika emblem on his chest, as do Hawkman, Hawkgirl, and Wonder Woman, on her tiara and belt buckle, while the Flash has SS emblems emblazoned on his chest and belt area.

This Wonder Woman is significantly different from the original version, moreover. As her dialogue makes clear, she is not an Amazon but a Valkyrie who has been dispatched to this world from Asgard. She endorses the Holocaust as "holy furnaces", and Odin is cited as her source of belief that the "weak" must be "weeded" from humanity.

Unlike their counterparts in original continuity, Hawkman and Hawkwoman seem to be winged humans, rather than capable of powered flight due to anti-gravity devices, as has previously been the case. When Forerunner tears off one of the latter's wings, it leaves a trail of blood, suggesting that they may be part of her body.

Superman clarifies that the Justice League-Axis was formed by Adolf Hitler, and Forerunner comments that like his counterparts elsewhere in the multiverse, he is Kryptonian, and therefore vulnerable to kryptonite from this alternate universe, although he comments that he has destroyed all stocks of his most significant weakness on this world.


  • In German the name of the Justice League is Gerechtigkeitsliga and not Gerechtigkeitliga.

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  1. The team's first full appearance was in Countdown to Adventure #2

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