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The Gerechtigkeitliga is an alternate version of the Justice League of America. On their Earth, Earth-10, Germany won World War II.


The Nazi party took over the entire world with Adolf Hitler still alive as acting Führer. The Gerechtigkeitliga acts as superpowered agents of the party. One of the traits of this Earth's society is that people are separated by their genes. Those with the strongest are taken away to breeding centers where they are forced to mate, while those with the weakest genes are killed in mass genocides.

When Monarch began to seek out superpowered beings on each earth to create an army to battle the Monitors, he had Forerunner travel to alternate Earths to scout potential members. Given that her own species was wiped out in a genocide on Earth-48, Forerunner is disgusted with the underlying philosophy of this world. She attacks members of a Nazi contingent engaging in ethnic cleansing in Kansas, and attracts the attention of the JL-Axis. She manages to defeat the entire team, and Monarch offered them a position in his army.[1]



  • Earth-10 Superman gives the team's name as Gerechtigkeitliga.[1] In German, the name "Justice League" is translated as Gerechtigkeitsliga.

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