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"And the Clock Struck Midnight": The Owl was injured in the previous mission and is recovering in a hospital when he is killed by an enemy agent. The Bat and the Clock are sent to Switzerland to meet an agent who has information about the German Superman and to rendezvous with Terry Sloane, a fo

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The Clock

JSA: The Liberty File #2 is an issue of the series JSA: The Liberty File (Volume 1) with a cover date of March, 2000.

Synopsis for "And the Clock Struck Midnight"

The Owl was injured in the previous mission and is recovering in a hospital when he is killed by an enemy agent. The Bat and the Clock are sent to Switzerland to meet an agent who has information about the German Superman and to rendezvous with Terry Sloane, a former field agent codenamed Mister Terrific.

A German agent, the Scarecrow, is pursuing them. He then kills the agents' Swiss contact. In a struggle with him, Sloane's fiancée is also killed. Sloane resumes his Mister Terrific identity and helps the Bat and the Clock pursue and kill the Scarecrow. They find out that the Superman, accompanied by Hitler and other Nazi leaders, has traveled to Egypt to spearhead a German military offensive.

The Bat arrives in Egypt just as the attack is about to begin. He confronts the "superman", who is revealed to be the Martian Manhunter. In addition to his other powers, he is able to absorb another person's thoughts by touching them. Hitler has made sure that he is the only one the Martian touches, so his own worldview is the only one the Martian is aware of. The Bat counteracts this by having the Martian touch him to learn his thoughts and see how Hitler lied. Realizing this, the Martian turns against the Germans and helps the Allies defeat them.

In the aftermath, the Martian Manhunter have just decimated the Germans within four minutes for the survivors to surrender peacefully. J'onn then ask The Bat if he could teach much about the world that he doesn't much understand. After a momentarily silent, The Bat tells J'onn that even though it is an intriguing offer, but he cannot accept something that is beyond him. Though he notes that there are others who could help J'onn; furthermore, The Bat explains that he himself has a desire to go back to Gotham City.

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  • Among the Allied soldiers is a PFC. Ryan. This is presumably the main character from the WWII movie Saving Private Ryan.

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