"Constellations, Part Four: Fixed Star!": Despite the combined efforts of the JSA and Injustice Society, they were getting nowhere in sending the King of Tears back to his own dimension. All of a sudden Anna Fortune makes a grand appearance. Anna inserts a spell casting projectile into her gaunt

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JSA All-Stars #5 is an issue of the series JSA All-Stars (Volume 1) with a cover date of June, 2010. It was published on April 7, 2010.

Synopsis for "Constellations, Part Four: Fixed Star!"

Despite the combined efforts of the JSA and Injustice Society, they were getting nowhere in sending the King of Tears back to his own dimension. All of a sudden Anna Fortune makes a grand appearance. Anna inserts a spell casting projectile into her gauntlet. Anna aims the projectile at the King of Tears and the demon is shrunk then absorbed into Anna's gauntlet. The absorption took a lot out of Anna. Cyclone pleads with Anna to save Chimera. However, Anna asks Cyclone if Chimera is worth saving. Cyclone naturally says yes because of her sunnier disposition and Anna reluctantly agrees to save Chimera's life with one of her rare spells.

Anna explains that she was sent by Doctor Fate because she owed Fate a favor for helping her out of a jam. Anna tells the JSA that they need to come up with a stasis field that will hold the King of Tears because he her spell to entrap the King of Tears will eventually wear off. Anna also offers to help the JSA get Courtney back from the Subtle Realms. Anna says she has one transport spell that she got from a man who died one day after giving it to her. There is a possibility that the spell may backfire but with the King of Tears as a locus, Anna feels confident that she can send the demon back to the Subtle Realms and rescue Stargirl. The only drawback is the spell requires ten days to calibrate it just right.

Power Girls meets with Courtney's parents and explains to them that Anna Fortune's transport spell is being expedited by Roxy, the JSA's artifical intelligence. Power Girl estimates that they will reach Stargirl soon and free her from Sorrow. Power Girl walks Courtney's parents out and Sandy tries to comfort Power Girl because she is starting to doubt her role as team leader. Anna interrupts them by saying her transport spell is ready. King Chimera feeling a bit more rejuvenated accompanies the rest of the team. Anna believes her spell to send the King of Tears back and rescuing Stargirl will go off without a hitch. Anna enacts the spell but instead of transporting the King of Tears back to the Subtle Realms, the Subtle Realms merges with Earth.

In the Subtle Realms, Courtney is being guided by Atom Smasher. Courtney has had strong feelings for Atom Smasher but neither she or Al have ever acted on them because she is seventeen and under aged. Atom Smasher tells Courtney that after his mission with Director Bones, he ended up in the Subtle Realms because of the Injustice Society. When the two of them enter a corridor, they are attacked by two canine guards who represent the Courts of Despair. Courtney and Al defeat the guards then head toward the castle structures of the Courts of Despair.

Courtney and Al fight off the strange and dangerous inhabitants of the Subtle Realms. Courtney's feelings for Al intensify with the danger that they continue to face. Courtney also begins to sense that Al no longer has any constraints about Courtney being a minor. As Courtney and Al get closer to the Courts of Despair, Al come off as abrasive in his over protective stance about Courtney's well being. Courtney tells Al that she isn't a damsel in distress who needs a man to defend her. Their brief argument turns into a moment of silence and vulnerability then the two of them kiss. Courtney says to Al that she loves him but before he could answer, Courtney hears mumbling from afar as if someone is gagged and calling out for help.

Appearing in "Constellations, Part Four: Fixed Star!"

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Synopsis for "The Inheritance, Part Four: Underground! Resistance! Movement!"

Jesse brings up another tale that involved the Tachophixyl which was inscribed in Arabic. In 8th century Carthage, there was a cholera outbreak and merchant ships refused to dock or hand out food. An elderly woman with the Tachophixyl appears before the infected population. The elderly woman said that the wells have been contaminated but she can correct them. The woman places the staff into the wells and tells the citizens to drink from it. The citizens drink the purified water and they were cured within a day. The woman leaves Carthage and travels along the Nile River Valley.

Jesse thinks the Tachophixyl maybe the rod of Asclepius, a minor god of medicine. Tigress isn't interested in these fairy tales but her buyer is willing to pay 60 million dollars for the artifact. Tigress proves her knowledge by saying the rod of Asclepius has only one snake but according to the Sedgewick diary, the Tachophixyl is a caduceus which has two snakes wrapped around the staff with wings. Tigress then begins to notice erratic movements from her tracking device on Icicle.

Icicle and Hourman enter a cave that leads to a chapel built into the cavern. Icicle and Hourman find a tote bag with the other torn half of the diary. Icicle suspects that Blue is manipulating them into finding the Tachophixyl for him and eventually he will double cross them. Suddenly, a trap is triggered and the cavern within the chapel begins to cave in. Icicle uses his powers to generate an ice pillar that propels both him and Hourman to a ledge in the cave in order to escape the cave in. Hourman thanks Icicle for saving his life and confesses that he too has one half of the Sedgewick diary. Icicle gets so furious that he threatens to freeze Hourman and take his half of the diary.

Tigress tracks Icicle's movements below her feet and asks Jesse to use a pick axe with her speed force to dig Icicle as well as Hourman out. Jesse breaks through the cavern and Tigress lowers herself into the cavern with rope. Icicle tells Tigress that the heroes have been holding out on them. Tigress decides not to engage in a confrontation and simply asks everyone if they are hungry. Both teams go to a cafe near a post office to talk things over. Tigress agrees with Icicle's theory about Blue manipulating both teams to find the Tachophixyl. Both Hourman and Liberty Belle apologize about holding out because they do want the Tachophixyl as well as Blue. They are afraid what the Tachophixyl can do in the wrong hands.

Appearing in "The Inheritance, Part Four: Underground! Resistance! Movement!"

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