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"The Fall and Rise of Vandal Savage, Part II of IV": Flashback:

Quote1 While you're planning strategies, thinking about whether to call in the reserves, and generally acting like civilized men and women - he's already slicing your throat, thinking how good your blood will taste when it spatters against his tongue. Quote2
Green Lantern

JSA Classified #11 is an issue of the series JSA Classified (Volume 1) with a cover date of June, 2006. It was published on April 19, 2006.

Synopsis for "The Fall and Rise of Vandal Savage, Part II of IV"

Flashback: 1947 JSA Headquarters Green Lantern calls the Justice Society together for a meeting. They review stock footage of their adversaries, the Injustice Society of the World. Most of the team scoffs at their adversaries' batting record, but Green Lantern warns them against dismissing Vandal Savage. Alan has dealt with Savage in the past, and is fully aware of how dangerous he truly is.

The Present: Appalachian Mountains: Vandal Savage is in one of his hidden laboratories in the Appalachian Mountains. He tries to salvage some of the leftover equipment in the facility, but fails. Savage grows fearful that the tumor growing inside of his brain will soon kill him. He begins reflecting on various events that have forged him into the person he is today.

Flashback: 34,782 BCE Vandar Adg (Savage's true name) returns to his tribe after being exposed to radiation from a meteorite that has increased his intellect and made him immortal. However, he is still a savage at heart and becomes a threat to his tribe. His tribesmen recognize that something is different about Vandar and turn against him. They beat him mercilessly and cast him out of the tribe. Vandar finds a new clan of barbarians that recognize the strength required to conquer such adversity. This new tribe becomes known as the Blood People.

The Present: Appalachian Mountains: Vandal Savage decides that he only has enough life left in him to get revenge upon only one of his old foes. He begins studying the history of Alan Scott.

Flashback: 1940 Arizona Alan Scott and his fellow engineer Jimmy are on board a train inspecting the newly constructed Trestle Bridge. A rival engineer named Albert Dekker sabotages the bridge, causing the train to derail. Jimmy is killed, and Alan is thrown from the wreckage. He finds a glowing, green train lantern that begins speaking to him and bequeaths him the power of the Green Lantern. Alan uses his newfound power to forge himself a power ring and avenge Jimmy's death.

The Present: Appalachian Mountains: Vandal Savage tries once again to operate his lab equipment in order to prolong his dwindling lifespan. He discovers that he now has only three days left to live.

Flashback: 1718 North Carolina Coast Vandal Savage is a pirate captain known as Blackbeard aboard the Queen Anne's Revenge. He discovers that one of his own men, Beauchamp, has betrayed him to the naval forces of Robert Maynard. Blackbeard kills Beauchamp and prepares to take on Maynard's fleet. Knowing that defeat is at hand, he sacrifices another mate named Smithy, and manages to escape. Smithy is decapitated and history will acknowledge him as Blackbeard the Pirate.

Flashback: 1950 Location: Unknown Green Lantern and the Sandman discover that their old foe, the Wizard, has captured the Atom. They track the villain down and break into the Wizard's stronghold. Green Lantern uses his Power Ring to distract the Wizard, while Sandman puts him down with a blast of sleeping gas. They free the Atom and return home.

The Present: Gotham City Alan Scott is resting at home, when he hears a knock at the door. At first he thinks that it may be Checkmate agents preparing to consult with him. When he opens the door however, he is astonished to discover his old friend the late Wesley (Sandman) Dodds standing before him.

Appearing in "The Fall and Rise of Vandal Savage, Part II of IV"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


Other Characters:

  • Blood Tribe (Flashback only)
  • Yalan Gur (Behind the scenes) (Flashback only)
  • Beauchamp (Flashback only) (Single appearance; dies)
  • Jimmy Henton (Dies in flashback)
  • Smithy (Flashback only) (Single appearance; dies)




  • The Queen Anne's Revenge


  • In the modern retelling of Alan Scott's origin, his friend Jimmy is African American, whereas originally he was white. Given the prevailing racism at that time, a black boy occupying the same wagon as a white man seems unsuitable.[1]
  • The Golden Age Sandman died in JSA Secret Files and Origins #1.
  • The 1947 flashback in this issue takes place concurrently with events from All-Star Comics #37.
  • The origin of Green Lantern was originally presented in All-American Comics #16.
  • The Atom and the Sandman are shown wearing the wrong costumes in flashback. Sandman switched to his purple and gold costume in 1941,[2] while Atom's original costume was retconned to have been destroyed and replaced by his fin-headed costume in 1945.[3]

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