""Mister Horrific (Episode I) - Like Fatherland, Like Son"": Spring, 1945

JSA Classified #29 is an issue of the series JSA Classified (Volume 1) with a cover date of October, 2007. It was published on August 22, 2007.

Appearing in "Mister Horrific (Episode I) - Like Fatherland, Like Son"

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  • Tom Enfield

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  • None

Synopsis for "Mister Horrific (Episode I) - Like Fatherland, Like Son"

Spring, 1945
The members of the Justice Society of America parachute behind enemy lines in Peenemünde, Germany. Their mission is to stop a Nazi rocket scientist named Werner von Braun from launching a V2 "Vengeance Weapon" – the world's first ballistic missile. The JSA apprehend von Braun, but they are unable to prevent the launch of the rocket. A team of U.S. soldiers accompanies them and surrounds the missile base. Captain Enfield takes command of the site after von Braun is apprehended.

The Present
Thomas Enfield, the grandson of the U.S. army captain from 1945 celebrates his re-election to the United States Senate. Standing next to Enfield on the stage is Mister Terrific, who publically gives his endorsement of Enfield's platform.

After the party, Emily Enfield, the Senator's young daughter, approaches Mister Terrific. She is concerned that her father is covering up a dark secret inside of a locked room in the house. Terrific escorts her home and asks her to show him the locked room. He bypasses the room's security grid with his T-Spheres only to discover a veritable museum of Nazi keepsakes. The senator and his bodyguards enter the house and the guards chase Mister Terrific off of the property.

Near the front of the estate, another senator named Dana Wilhoite appears before Mister Terrific and begins speaking in hushed whispers. She tries to tell Terrific about a secret involving Enfield, but before she can say more, bullets explode from the shrubbery and Wilhoite falls over. Before dying, she tells Terrific to go to Andrews Air Force Base at 10:00 tomorrow. Her final word before dying is "Andvarinaut".

More bodyguards appear from around the bushes and open fire on Mister Terrific. He gets away and sneaks back to JSA Headquarters. He speaks with Stargirl, Flash and Wildcat and tells them that Senator Enfield is involved with Nazis.


  • The flashback scenes from this issue represent one of the few occasions where the JSA actually entered enemy territory. During World War II, Adolph Hitler possessed the Spear of Destiny, which had the power to corrupt anyone within its sphere of influence. Because of this, the JSA's more powerful members like the Flash and Green Lantern usually stayed out of Europe or else risk falling under the Spear's influence.


  • In this issue, Green Lantern's ring is incorrectly placed on his right hand. It should be on his left.

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