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The firs headquarters was a brownstone in Civic City.

The headquarters of the Justice Society of America, where the Society held their monthly meetings.


First building

The firs headquarters was a brownstone in Civic City.

Second building

With the coming of the Modern Age of heroes, the retired members of the Justice Society of America decided to regroup under the banner, the Super-Squad. Along with younger members such as the Huntress, Power Girl and Robin, they established themselves in a four-story tenement building in Gotham City. This headquarters was outfitted with advanced security systems and training facilities.

Third building

Following the death of the original Sandman Wesley Dodds, all of his assets were left to his former ward, Sanderson Hawkins. Hawkins and his colleague Alan Scott contracted architect John Stewart and his firm Shining Star to completely renovate the old mansion. The outside facade maintained its limestone/brick appearance, but the interior was completely redesigned to accommodate the needs of a full-time super-hero team.

Fourth building

Following the reformation of the Society after Infinite Crisis, the team moved into a building in Battery Park, New York City. Ma Hunkel served as the building's caretaker.


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