"Injustice Be Done! (Part 2 of 5) – Cold Comfort": In a locked room in the JSA Brownstone, Mister Terrific is trying to save Sentinel's life. The odds are not good - hypothermia will get them both in under a half-hour, and the snide comment

Quote1 My team-mates are my concern, Killer Wasp. You? Aren't. Quote2

JSA #17 is an issue of the series JSA (Volume 1) with a cover date of December, 2000.

Appearing in "Injustice Be Done! (Part 2 of 5) – Cold Comfort"

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Synopsis for "Injustice Be Done! (Part 2 of 5) – Cold Comfort"

In a locked room in the JSA Brownstone, Mister Terrific is trying to save Sentinel's life. The odds are not good - hypothermia will get them both in under a half-hour, and the snide comments of the artificial intelligence known as the Thinker as he describes the state of the JSA:Hawkgirl and the Star-Spangled Kid being chased around the building and the Flash engaged in a fatal race with the super-speedster Rival while Sand, Doctor Mid-Nite and Black Canary facing ambushes around the city.

At a good restaurant, Doctor Mid-Nite and Black Canary face Count Vertigo. Vertigo wants revenge for the destruction of his homeland, and there's no-one left but Black Canary. Doctor Mid-Nite is able to use his medical knowledge to disable Vertigo's hearing aids.

In New Orleans, Rival leads the Flash on a race. As the villain kills someone by running over them, the Flash decides to take a stand. Matching speeds with Rival, he makes his move. However, as their energies run together, a shadowy speedster arrives at the Flash's home.

Under New York, a fight between Sand and Geomancer comes to an end with the hero victorious. Sand wonders what happened to Wildcat...

Legacy villain Tigress has Hawkgirl on the ropes. As the stress of the situation overwhelms her, Hawkgirl suddenly sees visions of past lives. At the same time, a bizarre energy attack comes from Hawkgirl's wings and knock out Tigress. The heroine is puzzle, but too dazed to push the issue.

In the basement, Shiv is playing a cat-and-mouse game with her opponent, the Star-Spangled Kid. As Shiv's mental instability leads her to ramble, the heroine attacks her with an energy weapon and turns around - to be faced by the Thinker AI!

Above the Earth, Wildcat awakes. The Injustice Society's resident powerhouse, Black Adam, has him suspended at 30,000 feet. Black Adam explains that he joined the Injustice Society initially to receive a cure for his brain tumor. Now he wishes to switch sides.

In the locked room, Mister Terrific has managed to keep Sentinel alive. As the door gives way under a brace of massive blows, Mister Terrific prepares for the worst - but it is the Star-Spangled Kid, having defeated all the villains.

The heroes who were ambushed gang together to compare notes. According to Count Vertigo, the entire scheme was orchestrated by Johnny Sorrow to free the King of Tears. This puts Sand into a frenzy, as he orders the other heroes to meet him at the home of Louis Sendak.

At the home of Louis Sendak, the heroes are confronted, first by the bizarre internal architecture of the Sendak residence, and then by Johnny Sorrow, a seemingly invisible man with a mouth-less mask and a bright red suit. Doctor Mid-Nite tries to punch him, but Sorrow removes his mask, and the resulting sight apparently kills Doctor Mid-Nite. The worst of this plan, it seems, is just beginning...



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