"Injustice Be Done! (Part 3 of 5) – Sorrow's Story": At the Crossroads, Johnny Sorrow has the three heroes on the ropes. He calmly informs them that he stole a substance from the Brownstone Museum, which he has just injected into [[Louis Sendak (New Earth)|Louis Sen

Quote1.png Come now, Scarab. You costumed do-gooders are ten a penny. A good villain, on the other hand, is far harder to find. Quote2.png
Johnny Sorrow

JSA #18 is an issue of the series JSA (Volume 1) with a cover date of January, 2001.

Synopsis for "Injustice Be Done! (Part 3 of 5) – Sorrow's Story"

At the Crossroads, Johnny Sorrow has the three heroes on the ropes. He calmly informs them that he stole a substance from the Brownstone Museum, which he has just injected into Louis Sendak, the Golden Age hero known as the Scarab. As the light flares, Sand thinks back to what that means...

Back in the 40s, Johnny Sorrow was a silent film actor who'd been put out of work by the advent of sound. He'd fallen into masked crime, assailing the heroes of the day with his schemes. Until one case ... Sorrow had stolen a subspace vest prototype from a scientist known as The Light. With the vest, he had the power to become intangible and teleport. As the heroes were baffled, Sandy the Golden Boy noticed that the vest glowed just before Sorrow did anything. Waiting for a period of glow, Sandy shot his grappling gun at the vest, hoping to disable it.

The resulting explosion sucked Johnny Sorrow through a hole in space-time, leaving behind nothing but a domino mask and a small fire.

Six months later, sick with guilt and nightmares, Sandy woke up in a cold sweat to be met by a man who wasn't there. Revealing that he was Johnny Sorrow, the man kidnapped Sandy and took him to a film theater in Chicago. Revealing the corpses of of six of the The Seven Shadows, the super heroes who defended the city, Sorrow tells him what happened after their last encounter - he was cast out of formalized reality into the Subtle Realms, the place harboring the things that want to come to this universe. The creatures there offered him a way back, made a vessel to contain his new form, and sent him back to be their agent.

His first stop was his wife in their home. But when he took off his mask to talk to talk to talk to her, she recoiled in horror and died of shock. Johnny Sorrow's new face is so terrible that the brain shuts down when presented with it. With nothing left but revenge, Sorrow has come for Sandy the Golden Boy.

Suddenly, the JSA, forewarned by Scarab, burst in, and the Spectre tries to capture Johnny Sorrow. But Sorrow dodges, revealing that he has summoned the greatest of the entities from the Subtle Realms - the King of Tears. The heroes are outclassed - even the power of the Hawkman and Hawkgirl's fierce love is overcome - until the Spectre steps in. He swallows the King of Tears, and, having no recourse, cries the monster out again. He charges the other members of the Justice Society to keep this liquid securely before he vanishes to recover. Afterwards, the team is alright, even the captured Sandy...

... but all that means next to nothing now. Louis Sendak has been overtaken by the King of Tears, the world is in peril, and the only heroes at ground zero are a comatose doctor, a martial artist, and a human sandcastle ...

Appearing in "Injustice Be Done! (Part 3 of 5) – Sorrow's Story"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:

  • Scarab (Flashback and main story) (Dies)


Other Characters:

  • The Light (Mentioned only)
  • Andrea Sorrow
  • The Seven Shadows
    • Doctor Nowhere (Deceased)
    • Jake Justice (Deceased)
    • Lodestar (Deceased)
    • Man-at-Arms (Deceased)
    • Shard (Deceased)
    • The Veil (Deceased)




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