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"Injustice Be Done! (Part 4 of 5) – Into the Labyrinth": The King of Tears has come for the world. Last time, only the Spectre could stop him, but the Spectre is not currently on hand. However, Black Adam has a plan—if

Quote1.png The labyrinth that used to be contained in Sendak's home is growing - expanding exponentially. Eating away at your reality. Stripping it bare of everything that makes your kind human. Mere hours from now it will blanket this entire planet. And when it does - the floodgates of Hell will open. Quote2.png
Johnny Sorrow

JSA #19 is an issue of the series JSA (Volume 1) with a cover date of February, 2001.

Synopsis for "Injustice Be Done! (Part 4 of 5) – Into the Labyrinth"

The King of Tears has come for the world. Last time, only the Spectre could stop him, but the Spectre is not currently on hand. However, Black Adam has a plan—if they can get the Wizard Shazam, a member of the group known as the Quintessence, to contact the Spectre, then victory becomes possible. Black Adam and Wildcat have gone to the Rock of Eternity to get help - only to find the Spectre waiting for them.

Sand wakes up in an expanding reality of howling wind and rock spires, which is overwriting the world. At the center of this world, the King of Tears sits, making it grow larger. Johnny Sorrow gloats over the trapped hero, claiming that this is the price for giving him these powers in the first place, Sorrow blames Sand. Sand responds by pointing out that Sorrow engaged in crime and accepted the powers that accidentally killed his wife. At this, Sorrow becomes angry, claiming that this is "his hour to strut and fret upon the stage". He also explains that, when the King of Tears fully manifests, the Earth is doomed.

At Columbus Hospital, Mister Terrific and Star-Spangled Kid deliver the Sentinel to a doctor and explain how important it is that he be kept live before running back into the fight.

At ground zero, Black Canary is giving Doctor Mid-Nite CPR when he suddenly revives. When they discuss what to do next, they approached by a man who looks like Rival - but is actually the Flash. Flash explains that Rival had become pure energy from all his time in the Speed Force, so to stop him, Flash absorbed his power, which is why he looks as he does. Taking stock of the situation, Flash temporarily leaves to recruit Jakeem Thunder and his magical Thunderbolt genie. As they begin to fight, Black Canary wonders where Doctor Fate is.

In Vancouver, Doctor Fate is visiting the woman who gave birth to him months before. He hears that there has been no change to her coma, but he dismisses the attending physician and performs a spell. As he suspected, a cloaking spell is revealed, showing a second spell keeping her in a coma—and revealing her to be Lyta Trevor, his missing wife!

Back in New York, the heroes are suffering, Jakeem for one is about to lose his nerve, until Mister Terrific and Star-Spangled Kid join the group. A few words of encouragement from Mister Terrific help Jakeem recover. Elsewhere, Star-Spangled Kid mentions that Hawkgirl is asking where "Carter" is.

Suddenly, the Spectre arrives, accompanied by Wildcat and Black Adam. The two mystic entities square off, and with a god-almighty bang... the Spectre goes down, reduced to a skeleton in a robe!

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  • This story is reprinted in the trade paperback JSA: The Return of Hawkman.
  • This issue was reprinted in JSA Omnibus Vol. 1

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