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"Princes of Darkness Prologue: Peacemakers": At the JSA Brownstone, Doctor Fate has awakened the woman he thought was Lyta Trevor, his wife. However, she is revealed as Dove, the mother of his current body. Dove explai

Quote1.png The Age of Chaos is coming, counsellor. A great darkness will spread its wings over creation. Quote2.png

JSA #45 is an issue of the series JSA (Volume 1) with a cover date of April, 2003. It was published on February 12, 2003.

Synopsis for "Princes of Darkness Prologue: Peacemakers"

At the JSA Brownstone, Doctor Fate has awakened the woman he thought was Lyta Trevor, his wife. However, she is revealed as Dove, the mother of his current body. Dove explains that although she was considered dead, this was a ruse on the part of Extant's controller, a malefic entity who wanted her child's body for its own - Mordru. At the mention of this, Doctor Fate puts on his helmet and teleports away.

In the next room, Wildcat, Jakeem Thunder and Alex Montez are watching the coverage of Kobra's trial for terrorism. In the shadows, a mysterious shape briefly appears behind Wildcat.

At the courthouse, Kobra's brainwashed followers are attempting to break in and free their leader. Black Adam remarks that this would not hve been tolerated in his day, while Atom-Smasher is hit by a thrown bottle, causing Doctor Fate to target the thrower with his magic - much to the consternation of Hawkman.

Inside the courthouse, Mister Terrific and Sand are observing the trial. Kobra has a set answer to the acts of terrorism - he claims to be a "bodhisattva", an enlightened soul freeing his fellow men from their karmic debts through random acts of violence. The teachings he follow prophesise a coming age of soul-eating darkness.

At the brownstone, Alex Montez has been sent a package by a Doctor Bruce Gordon - one of Eclipso's black diamonds, crushed to a liquid and packed in a syringe. As he injects it, his face darkens.

Outside the courthouse, one of the crowd has a ticking satchel. Power Girl rips it off him and flies into the sky, so that only she is affected by its blast. Inside the courthouse, the crowd reacts to the noise by running for the exits, while law enforcement agents rush for Kobra, expecting him to make a run. However, Mister Terrific realizes the truth - Kobra is not attempting to run, he is simply trying to get everyone's attention. Kobra then informs them that 500 of his followers in the crowd have been surgically implanted with incendiaries. Since they are brainwashed, the judge and the heroes face a choice—either release him or be responsible for the death of the entire crowd. Faced with no choice, they release him. As he walks out, he tells them of his plan to teleport himself and his followers away using Thanagarian technology that he stole from the Justice League Headquarters. In a rage at being made to look like fools, Black Adam and Atom-Smasher decide to quit the Society and fly away. Doctor Fate remarks that their souls will burn in hell. Hawkman demands that he remove his helmet, and Hector does so—revealing that he has been possessed by Mordru.

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  • This issue was reprinted in JSA Omnibus Vol. 2.
  • The shape that appears behind Wildcat is the second Crimson Avenger. She is next seen after the "Princes of Darkness" storyline. She is hunting him for avenging a murder referenced in JSA #37.


  • Although this story is technically part of the "Princes of Darkness" story, it was collected in the "Savage Times" trade edition, because it contains too many references to previous stories to work as a first issue.

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