Born Jaafs Macksun, Smax hails from a "back worldy" parallel Earth where magic replaces the common laws of science.

Jaafs is the son of a travelling heroine who was imprisoned and raped by an Ogre. His mother died giving birth to Jaafs and his twin sister Rexa, and the children were raised by their father who physically and sexually abused them. Smax eventually killed his father while he slept and he and Rexa ran away from home. They were eventually taken in by the Dwarf couple Mack and Minka. To earn a living, Smax became a dragon-slayer. He was highly successful until he failed to save a young princess from a near-omnipotent dragon called "Morningbright". After that, he fled to the city of Neopolis where he changed his name to Jeff Smax and became a police officer for the Top 10.

Jeff is an obtuse and slightly dimwitted police officer, ashamed of his background (which tends to make him highly intolerant of fantasy/magic based Neopolis residents) and prone to violent rages. His first partner was Stochastic Fats, who was killed in a drug bust. He is afterwards curmudgeonly and hostile to his new partner, Robyn "Toybox" Slinger, due to his inability to deal with grief. Despite this rocky start he and Toybox became very close friends.

He currently lives with his sister/lover Rexa in Neopolis (claiming they look alike because they are the "same species"). Smax is about eight feet tall and muscular with blue skin and white hair. He is highly invulnerable, super strong and can fire a blast of energy from his chest. Five years after the Ultima incident, Smax lives in the city with Rexa. After saving Toybox from the Hell Ditch Pilgrim, he is left with a lingering radiant halo, despite his arguments that he is not a saint.



Quite possibly a skilled swordsman though it is possible he simply relied on his strength when using his sword


Singing sword but only during his time as a hero on his home world



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