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Quote1 I'm doing this because I know what happens when people think they're above the law. And if I die trying... I suppose that's justice too. Quote2
Jace Fox src

Jace Fox is the eldest son of Lucius Fox, his birth mother being Elena Aoki. On his 17th birthday, a tragic hit-and-run resulted in his exile from Gotham. He became a mercenary, going undercover in several criminal organizations, and served as the protégé to the Japanese vigilante Katana.

During the rise of the Magistrate, a corrupt privatized law enforcement initiative that was granted jurisdiction over Gotham City, Jace returned to Gotham and adopted the mantle of the Batman to combat their ultra-authoritarian regime, soon after moving with his family to New York as the city's new protector.

Early Life

Timothy Fox was born to prominent businessman Lucius Fox and Elena Aoki, an employee at Wayne Enterprises, though he was raised by Tanya Fox. His birth was the result of an affair after a trying period between Lucius and Tanya. The truth of his birth mother was hidden from him, as she was not ready to take care of a child.[1]

Lucius' position as the C.O.O. of Wayne Enterprises resulted in his lack of presence at home, though Tim didn't mind, as Lucius provided for him. As the oldest child, where Luke focused on his studies and Tiffany was a small kid, Tim's best friend was his younger sister Tamara who he used to do everything together with growing up. During his teenaged years, Tim rapidly developed into a hedonistic playboy, indulging in a jet set life of non-stop partying and promiscuous affairs.

On the night before his seventeenth birthday, an angry Tim stormed out of his party after a failed attempt to seduce a girl who had caught his eye. While driving on the phone with another girl he'd previously hooked up with, Tim failed to notice a man crossing the street, ramming into him with his car. Tim got out of his vehicle to check on the man, who was heavily injured from the collision. Though despite his pleas, Tim ran away in a panic, instead turning to his father Lucius for assistance. In order to protect Tim from the severe legal consequences of his act of vehicular manslaughter, Lucius summoned a team of personal lawyers and private investigators to dig up as much information surrounding the events of the hit-and-run that can be leaked to the media in order to create a favorable narrative for Tim.[2][3]

The Next Batman Second Son Vol 1 4 Textless Variant

Jace training with Katana

Through the team's investigation, it was quickly discovered that the victim, Enrique Acevedo, was a notorious domestic abuser who's blood alcohol level was three times above the legally allowed limit at the time of the killing, enabling them to make a case that Enrique was a drunk who failed to notice the traffic light changed and wandered onto the street. Tim attempted to confront Lucius over his father's attempts to suppress his culpability in the killing, strongly disapproving of Lucius' victim blaming of Enrique when he himself was in the wrong. But Lucius, refusing to argue with Tim over the matter, decided to ship his son off to the Sanford Military Academy -- an international boarding school notoriously known as a dumping ground for problem children from affluent backgrounds. It's there, Tim became acquaintances with two of his fellow students: Vol and Hadiyah.

After his graduation from the Academy, Tim spent an unknown period of time refining his skills under various mentors, the most prominent being Katana and Vesey after an incident in Markovia. Inspired by Vesey, Tim became a revolutionary, taking the nom de guerre Jace.

Joker War

After the Fox family acquired the Wayne Family fortune, Tanya urged Lucius to call Jace home.[4]

Second Son

With Vol acting as his handler while he operated in the field, Jace attempted a mission in Vietnam to take down Tyler Arkadine, an affluent billionaire secretly running an international trafficking ring. After the mission went awry, Jace returned home only to find Grifter, there to return him to Gotham on Lucius Fox's behalf.[5]

Jace returned to Gotham only to discover that much hasn't changed with his family. His father Lucius is still emotionally distant and struggling to cope with the stress of inheriting the Wayne Family Fortune on top of the psychological trauma he's suffered as Punchline's captive. His mother Tanya sees him as a disappointment and had developed a severe distain for costumed vigilantism as a whole. His younger brother Luke still despised him, utterly refusing to forgive Jace for any of his past actions. And while Jace's younger sisters Tamara and Tiffany tried their best to keep the Fox family together, the former's compromised health from being poisoned by Ratcatcher declines to a point where she relapses into a coma. [6] [7]

After discovering that Tyler Arkadine's personal courier had just landed in Gotham, Jace reluctantly began working at FoxTech under Lucius in order to secretly supply Vol with the technology he needs to gain more intel on Arkadine's operations within the city, all while simultaneously preparing to face his legal deposition in which he truthfully testified. Afterwards, Jace would eventually come to blows with Eabha O'Roark, an Irish Mercenary under Arkadine's employ who was hired to guard his personal courier. With surprise assistance from his old mentor Tatsu Yamashiro, Jace succeeded in obtaining the courier's bag while O'Roark narrowly evaded capture.[8] [9]

Returning to Wayne Enterprises in the Tricorner Yards, Jace reviewed the contents of the courier's bag with Vol while the former recovered from his stab wound. It's there the duo learned that the courier was transporting six identification cards that belong to people on government watch lists, specifically left-leaning radicals who were all apparently untraceable. While pondering what this could all mean, Vol alerts Jace that he had also discovered something heavily encrypted within the source codes Jace had previously stolen from Lucius to help hack into Arkadine's hard drives. One of the encrypted files, "The Clade of Chiroptera", made reference to a third subbasement in the building, something that Jace noted shouldn't even exist.

Since the subbasement could only be accessed via a private elevator that had been previously locked up and powered down, Jace ordered Vol to reroute power to the elevator so he could investigate what was down there. It is then that Jace discovered the ruined remains of the Hibernaculum, a massive underground high-tech armory and weapons testing facility that contained a prototype set of Bat Armor in one of its barely functioning vaults. Stricken with shock, Jace quickly realized that this abandoned armory didn't belong to his father, it belonged to the Batman. And that Lucius, Bruce Wayne, and potentially countless others, were actually working for the vigilante in secret.[10]

I Am Batman

In order to prevent himself from attracting any unneeded suspicion, Jace moved out of his family's home and under the false pretense of working a late shift at Wayne Enterprises, sets up shop in the Hibernaculum as his new secret base of operations in order to continue his hunt for Tyler Arkadine. While making his way to the subbasement elevator, Jace ran into his childhood friend Hadiyah along the way, who was there as a representative of her mother's company which was working alongside FoxTech on bringing broadband telecommunications to rural and underserviced communities. While Hadiyah was due to return to New York, she and Jace made plans to catch up on old times before her flight.

I Am Batman Vol 1 0 Textless

Fox contemplates becoming the next Batman

Returning to the Hibernaculum, Vol notified Jace that he was close to unlocking the Bat Armor's activation codes and had also intercepted a location ping from one of the fugitive radicals in Gotham. Tracking the signal all the way back to a warehouse in the Gotham Shipyards, Jace discovers the black-bagged corpses of all six of the radicals and that two hired mercenaries were planting explosives within the warehouse where the radicals' bodies are being stashed. Jace interrogates one of the mercs who confesses that he and his partner didn't know about the bodies and that they were just hired to destroy the warehouse tonight on the heels of a peaceful protest that's taking place in Alleytown. Jace quickly pieces together that Arkadine had been secretly plotting a false flag operation in Gotham by hiring professional hitmen to cause a riot under the guise of the assassinated radicals. Hurrying back to the Hibernaculum, Jace puts on the now operational Bat Armor in hopes that he can prevent a massacre from occurring.

On the day of the protest, Arkadine's men fire upon the already agitated GCPD from within the crowd of civilian protesters. But before the GCPD can return fire on the civilians, Jace crashes the scene wearing the Bat Armor, deploying smoke grenades to obscure the vision of the shooters while dispatching Arkadine's men one by one. However, due to the chaos surrounding the situation, the GCPD assumes that Batman is attacking the civilians and focus their fire on Jace until the Magistrate's remotely piloted combat droids arrive to provide backup. Severely outnumbered and outgunned by both the GCPD and the Magistrate's forces, Jace is forced to abandon the heavily damaged Bat Armor after Vol creates a distraction to enable him to slip away with his life.

I Am Batman Vol 1 1 Textless Capullo Variant

Batman takes to the streets

While Jace succeeded in preventing a slaughter, a massive disinformation campaign has already taken to social media to frame Batman as the one who started the riot. Demoralized, Jace meets Hadiyah after the debacle and vents some of the frustrations he's going through without telling her the whole truth about who he really is. When asking for advice on how he can get over his past and represent a better tomorrow, Hadiyah responds that real change for him can start when he stops being a boy who made a mistake and starts being a man who wants to make a difference. His personal drive rekindled, Jace returns to the Hibernaculum and requests Vol's assistance to design something utilizing the underground facility's blueprints and advanced resources: A new Batsuit for himself to don as a proper symbol of revolution against the corrupt institutions leading his city into a dystopian future.[11]

Taking to the streets as the new Batman, Jace made an effort to be more visible to the people of Gotham City than how he perceived his predecessor. After stopping multiple crimes, including that of the Seer's new Moral Authority militia, he returned to the Hibernaculum, only for Vol to inform him of someone with a new connection to Arkadine.[12]

Fear State

After interrogating the man with a connection to Arkadine, Jace became aware that the vigilante Anarky was murdered. Batman then decided to hunt Seer. With the help of Vol, Jace lured the Moral Authority to a secluded spot, catching them off guard and taking them down. Unbeknownst to him, his mother Tanya Fox had taken on Anarky's murderer, a young boy named Morris Caulfield, as her new client. Seer then set the Moral Authority's sights on setting Morris free.[13]

Jace's nights as Batman were catching up to him, disappointing his father. Though Lucius had no idea that he was Batman, his disappointment surprisingly hurt Jace all the same. Later, as his mother was meeting with Morris at the Gotham City Juvenile Detention Center, the Moral Authority began their attack, led by Ezekiel King. Jace intercepted the attack, defeating King and the Moral Authority, though not before Tanya was forced to shoot a man dead in self defense. Meanwhile, despite Tyler Arkadine being transferred to Gotham, an associate of Simon Saint's, Victor, had him killed.[14]

After Scarecrow and the Magistrate's defeat, Batman tracked down Seer, though was ambushed by a revenge squad of Peacekeepers. Defeating them after a brief skirmish, Jace then hunted down Tyler Arkadine's murderer, a corrections officer, though he was unable to prevent him from taking his own life, sending him rushing to save Simon Saint. Batman tracked down the already deceased Saint but was once again ambushed by one of Victor Noonan's T.A.L.O.S. agents, with Victor providing a demonstration to Lucius Fox.[15]

Batman's battle with Noonan's squad of T.A.L.O.S. agents proved difficult, with the enhanced tech in their suits giving them the advantage. When Lucius Fox recognized Jace's face underneath his broken faceplate he disabled the T.A.L.O.S. tech, giving Batman the opportunity to dispatch the entire squad. Jace and his father then reconciled, with Jace resolving to move to New York City with his mother, Tiffany, and the newly awoken Tamara in order to define himself as Batman. Heeding his father's words, he ditched his cowl's faceplate in order to truly represent as a black Batman.[16]

Goodbye, Gotham

I Am Batman Vol 1 6 Textless

Empire state of mind

Batman's arrival in New York came with public showings of his war on crime, spurring Mayor Villanueva to forcefully deputize him as a member of the NYPD's Special Crimes Task Force, headed by Detectives Adriana Chubb and Whitaker from Gotham. Meanwhile, much to Jace's chagrin, he began living in Billionaires' Row with his mother, Tamara, and Tiffany, with Vol arriving in New York as well. However, a new serial killer began leaving behind victims, notably that of Devlin Rubel, one of New York's biggest philanthropists, much to Chubb's horror upon her discovery of the mutilated corpse, attributing it to the presence of the Batman.[17]

Though Batman joined the Special Crimes Unit, coined Strike Force Bat by the media, his initial refusal to search for Rubel's murderer, due to hunting gunrunners causing a gang war, fueled his division with Chubb. After negotiating, Batman agreed to find Rubel's murderer while the Strike Force dealt with the gunrunners, using Vol to track down the head of his security, Tyron Burrows. However, upon confronting Burrows, Devlin Rubel's true nature and illegal activities came to light, propelling Batman into finding the killer. Though he patched up his relationship with Chubb, upon discovering the killer's hideout, he was caught off guard by the masked man.[18]


I Am Batman Vol 1 10 Textless

Batman versus Manray

The masked villain turned out to be an aspiring vigilante who mutilates the corpses of his victims into avant garde art pieces. The villain believed that the new Batman was a kindred spirit, which inspired him to start a bloody crusade in New York with the hope they could eventually work together. But Jace, abhorred and disgusted by the killer's depravity, struck him instead. Unable to feel pain from his attacks, the masked man struck back with his own weapon: a deadly spiked iron attached to a chain. The injured Batman chose to flee, making his escape as the masked man only watched. Returning to the Fox family's condo, Jace's subsequent conversation with Lucius left him dejected about his cowardice and questioning if his tenure as Batman was serving as an inspiration to evil. His talk with Tiffany afterwards, who tried to join in on his training ended with her attempting to comfort him. In the middle of a conversation with Vol, who was trying to convince Jace to drop the case, he was contacted by his Strike Force. When Batman arrived on the scene, he was briefed on the serial killer's latest victim: Commissioner Becket. Not only had the masked man murdered Becket, but he'd also leaked proof of his bigoted beliefs, leaving some citizens of New York divided over the killing.[19]

Humiliated after his defeat, Batman became more brutal and demoralized, needing to be held back from crippling a criminal by Chubb. Later, she informed him of the other police officers attempting to find the masked man first in order to execute him. After seeking advice from Tam, Jace met up with Hadiyah, who took him to the Museum of Modern Art. Using that, Jace was able to give Vol a profile with which to craft leads for the pursuit of the masked man. Meeting back up with Strike Force Bat, Batman coined the killer Manray and affirmed his devotion to justice, engaging them all in detective work. Eventually, while being tailed by a dirty cop, they found Manray's proof of concept for his next victim: Mayor Villanueva.[20]

Since all of Manray's victims were people who used their power and influence to cover up their crimes, Batman and Detective Chubb began to suspect that Villanueva might actually be corrupt. While the two did confront the Mayor with their findings, the Mayor predictably denied any wrongdoing and berated the duo for their accusations. While waiting for Manray to make his next move, Jace received some intel related to his investigation from Hadiyah about a mythical "Hotlist" that can be used to blackmail the most powerful politicians and businessmen in the world.

Manray inevitably reemerged to carry out his assassination attempt on Villanueva, effortlessly slaughtering his entire security detail at City Hall. But before the serial killer could finish the Mayor off, Batman arrived just in time to intervene. An explosive duel between the Dark Knight and the Mad Artist ensued as the NYPD rushed to the scene, but Batman eventually gained the upper hand and rose victorious by beating Manray into submission with his own weapon. A rogue detective named Keenan attempted to execute both Manray and Batman, but was shot by Chubb before he could pull the trigger.[21]

After the death of the Justice League, there was a rise of crime in New York City. While Batman was on a high-speed chase with the Trigger Twins, the new Superman smashed into their truck, apprehending them. While he greeted the Dark Knight enthusiastically, citing them as the new World's Finest, Batman revealed that he was having the twins lead him to their arms supplier, and Superman ruined his plan. Superman attempted to recruit him into his new Justice League, but Batman denied his request, replying that the last Batman to team up with anyone had died, and drove off, telling him to ask one of the Robins.[22]

With Manray finally taken into custody, things started looking up for Jace. His sister Tam had completed her physical rehab and could now walk again albeit with a cane, Vol had succeeded in purchasing an abandoned transportation hub in Harlem called "The Helix" that had direct access to the entire city's subway system to serve as their new base of operations, and his working relationship with Detective Chubb was stronger than ever. But Jace's suspicions of Mayor Villanueva never subsided, and he chose to shadow him as Batman. But while eavesdropping on a secret meeting between Villanueva and a mobster known as Mr. Dreadful, Batman was approached by The Question who sought his help to find out who really killed Anarky.[23]

The Question

I Am Batman Vol 1 13 Textless

Investigating with the Question

Enlisting his help on the case, the Question informed Batman that Anarky was shot prior to Morris Caulfield, the boy previously represented by Tanya Fox, opening fire on him. The two went to Adriana Chubb for assistance, who pointed them to Morris. At the Fox Family condo, Jace consulted his father on the Question, learning of the mantle's legacy and her being an investigator of human behavior. Batman and the Question confronted Morris Caulfield, with the latter being able to peacefully disarm him. Though he only moved to Gotham a week before encountering Anarky, Morris had no information on his true killer. After a conversation in which she questioned if he needed someone by his side, Batman and the Question traveled to the Helix in Harlem. Vol was able to point them in the direction of a group of activists affiliated with Anarky named "The Rest of Us." Their meeting with the group resulted in them learning that a member of theirs, Danny Chan, had wound up murdered by the police. The Question was able to use her civilian identity of Renee Montoya to learn more, discovering the leader of the police squad: Mike Keenan, the same man who had almost shot Manray and Batman.[24]

Though Batman was adamant that they should bring in Keenan, the Question emphasized the importance of proof and detective work. Back at the Fox Family condo, Jace viewed a negative-leaning debate on his actions as Batman on TV before being solicited for advice by Tiffany. She was concerned that a new friend of hers was being led back into gang activity, to which Jace replied to not try to save everybody, disappointing her. As he headed out on his bike, a hooded man watched, intent on revenge. Meeting up with Hadiyah, Jace vaguely discussed the feeling of the Question examining him. The both of them discussed their pasts, consoling each other: Before she met Jace, when she had lived in her home country, Hadiyah had learned that her father was to be murdered. Though as she came into her home to warn him, she saw him abusing her mother, thus decided to stay quiet on his incoming execution. She never saw him again. Later, after meeting up with the Question again, Batman set up a meet with Keenan at Flushing Meadows Park. Though Keenan attempted to ambush Batman with a squad of police, the Question quickly defeated them. Their interrogation of Keenan led to new information: Danny Chan was a police informant, and he hadn't murdered him. At the same time, unbeknownst to Jace, Tiffany had donned a makeshift outfit and gone out into the night.[25]

Back at the Rest of Us's spot, Batman and the Question revealed Anarky's killer: Tony, a member of the group. Tony had murdered Danny Chan for being an informant, and once Anarky started looking into his death, Tony killed him as well. Tony and the Rest of Us attacked Batman and the Question, but were quickly defeated. Though not before Tony accused Batman of being just as bad as the police and other corrupt figures. This troubled Batman, but after the police arrested the activist group, the Question assured him that in their line of work fighting human nature "there was nothing but gray." Batman asked if he had passed her test, but she responded that he wasn't the one who'd been tested, she was, concluding her business with him in New York.

Later, his Strike Force called Batman to a crime scene, where Chubb asked for his help in locating a vigilante she'd gotten into an altercation with, showing him a photo. Batman recognized the vigilante as his sister, Tiffany Fox, much to his annoyance. Afterwards, Whitaker, clad in a yellow aura, began pressing Batman as to why he chose his mantle. He accused him of being a coward, citing how he had ran from Gotham to New York, and ran from the Dark Crisis. This angered Batman who, now clad in a yellow aura of his own, began ruthlessly beating Whitaker until Chubb stopped him. Much to Batman's distress, Chubb was not sure if Whitaker would survive.[26]

Dark Crisis

I Am Batman Vol 1 15 Textless

Battling Sinestro

Batman was shocked as Chubb told him that he'd killed Whitaker. She chastised him about his failures and cowardice, leading him towards attempting to commit suicide with her gun. The real Chubb's confusion shook Batman from the illusion, in the midst of reaching for Chubb's gun, and with Whitaker being perfectly fine. Dazed, Batman drove off, only to be hit by a car, mirroring the tragic accident that resulted in his initial departure from Gotham. A hallucination of Enrique Acevedo tried to convince Batman to harm himself once more, but after his refusal, it revealed itself to be Sinestro, wrapped in the chains of the Great Darkness.

Sinestro quickly defeated Batman, informing him of his intent to torture him until he begged for death, then flew off. Returning to the Helix, Jace and Vol figured out who Sinestro was, but after Vol told Jace he needed Superman's help, he told him about their encounter. After refusing to join Superman's new Justice League, and after ignoring the attack on Titans Tower, Jace was convinced that he had to face Sinestro alone.

Confronting Sinestro at Hell's Kitchen, which was then turned into the construct of a cave, Sinestro tormented Batman with the images of his predecessor and Hadiyah. Wishing for him to take his own life, Sinestro gave him a ring construct, only for Batman to use it to pummel him, reaffirming that he was the Dark Knight. Pariah retrieved Sinestro through a portal soon after. Batman headed to the Hall of Justice, adding to Vol that Superman needs a Batman.[27]

Batman arrived at the Hall of Justice, mowing down Lion-Mane with his bike, and told Superman that he was done standing on the sidelines. He'd brought multiple heroes with him to join the fight. Assisting Mr. Terrific with Pariah's Anti-Matter Cannon, Batman was able to use it to finally defeat Pariah.[28]

Batman is empowered along with the rest of the heroes by Black Adam, leading to the Dark Army's defeat. Afterwards, the Dark Knight stays behind to help fix the Hall of Justice before departing on his cycle.[29]

Motherless Child

After the seemingly random murder of Tanya Fox's executive assistant, Lucius finally came to New York. Amidst his arrival, Jace confronted Tiffany about her prior activity as a vigilante, to which she responded that she knew he was Batman, shocking him. After another shooting at a startup, wherein Jace confronted the shooter as Batman, despite him executing himself, Vol discovered its connection to FoxTech. Afraid that someone had found out about his being Batman, Jace confided in Hadiyah, admitting that he loved her, though she rejected him. Afterwards, while the Fox family was gathered at their home, the leader of the Moral Authority, Ezekiel King, revealed that he had Jace's mother in his custody, and that he was holding her for ransom. Jace's confusion prompted Tanya to reveal that she was not his birth mother.[30]

Lucius explained the circumstances regarding Jace's birth mother Elena Aoki. Confused, Jace lashed out at his family, resulting in an argument. After Tamara's admittance to knowing the truth, Jace walked out, preparing to leave. Though Tiffany tried to reason with him, Jace was dejected and refused to go save his birth mother, leaving it to Tiffany to step up. Though he called Hadiyah for a moment, he was ultimately unwilling to talk. While Tiff made her way into the Moral Authority's base in her vigilante gear, Batman caught up, though confronting Ezekiel proved too challenging for the dispirited Dark Knight. At that moment, Hadiyah in her new persona of Nobody intervened in the battle.[1]

With both Nobody and Tiffany at his side, Batman was able to achieve a second wind before quickly defeating the Moral Authority and their reinforcements. Consumed with rage, Batman immediately turned to intercept Ezekiel King to stop him from murdering Elena. After effortlessly tanking each of King's bullets at point blank range while silently approaching the criminal, Batman proceeded to brutally beat down King with his fists, forcing Elena to step in and stop the Dark Knight from taking King's life. Once the villains were all apprehended, Jace unmasked himself in front of Elena, who instantly recognized him as her son.

Jace and Elena eventually had a heart-to-heart conversation with the latter explaining her reasons for leaving him in Lucius' care while expressing hope that her son will eventually allow her back into his life. Afterwards, Jace decided to leave the Fox household for good, causing Tanya to have an emotional breakdown over their fracturing family. But Jace did accept Tiffany as his official sidekick, who joined him for his nightly patrol through the streets of NYC.[31]


  • Athletics
  • Espionage
  • Gadgetry
  • Hand-to-Hand Combat (Advanced): Jace has received training from the Sanford Military Academy when he was a teenager and he even received training from Katana.[3][9]
  • Genius Level Intellect: Although he considers his father and brother as the real geniuses of the Fox Family, Jace has showcased an equal level of intelligence and ingenuity whenever he is operating in the field. While assisting Mr. Terrific with figuring out how to operate Pariah's Anti-Matter Canon amidst the heat of battle, it was Jace who succeeded in bringing the weapon online after coming up with the idea to use it as if it was still in its native universe instead of their own and acted accordingly. When Holt asked how he thought to do that, Jace replied that it was Lucius who taught him how to think outside the box.[28]
  • Indomitable Will: During the months he was held prisoner in a Markovian black site, Jace was trained by one of his fellow captives in how to endure severe amounts of physical and psychological torture so he could survive the brutal interrogations they were subjected to. This has granted Jace the ability to power through fights with multiple heavily armed combatants by sheer force of will.[14] Jace has also persevered through the Mind Alteration of Sinestro's Yellow Power Ring and even went as far as to beat Thaal bloody afterwards with one of his own light constructs.[27]
  • Interrogation
  • Intimidation
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Tactical Analysis
  • Stealth
  • Stick Fighting[12]
  • Surveillance


  • Batsuit: The body armor that makes up Jace's Batsuit was created with a specialized layer of Non-Newtonian fluid, making it both lightweight and flexible while still maintaining Level IIIA stopping power according to the NIJ standard. His gauntlets are entirely comprised of graphene, a material that is two-hundred times stronger than steel, and features both metallic blades on the sides along with a twin pair of extendible batons which are loaded into the underside of each respective gauntlet. His cowl is also equipped with an armored face plate that doubles as a military-grade biohazard filter.[12]
  • Utility Belt: Jace's belt contains burner phones.
  • Batcomputer: Upon taking control of the Hibernaculum, Jace has gained access to the Batcomputer and its heavily encrypted data.[11]





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