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The Electrocutioner was a serial killer who shocked his victims to death.

Once an ordinary criminal, Jack Buckinsky and a gang of thieves robbed a bank many years ago. Buckinsky, the only one caught out of the entire crew, was sent to jail and swore revenge on the co-conspirators that betrayed him.

Managing to call in a few favors, Buckinsky secretly changed his name to "Jack Gruber" and transferred himself to Arkham Asylum, which had just recently reopened after many years of inactivity. Gruber, taking advantage of the asylum's inability to function at 100% yet, begins to build electronic inventions and lobotomize fellow patients, hoping to create a perfect henchman. Not sweating a few mistakes along the way, Buckinsky succeeds in making Aaron Helzinger the perfect pawn and uses Helzinger to help them escape Arkham.[1]

Killing those that once turned their backs on him when he was first captured, Buchinsky is aptly named "the Electrocutioner" by the press because of the portable electric generator he uses to kill his victims.

Setting his sights on his final former partner-in-crime - Sal Maroni, Buckinsky throws an electric grenade into Maroni's Italian restaurant, wounding Oswald Cobblepot and Maroni himself. Maroni, taking advantage of the police protection, goes to their headquarters to act as bait for the Electrocutioner.

Buchinsky, of course falling for the trap, lays siege on Police Headquarters and successfully electrocutes the entire building from below. However, Det. James Gordon, thanks to his rubber goulashes, is saved from the electric blast and throws a cup of water on Buchinsky's device, making it short circuit.

The Electrocutioner, defeated, is then taken back to Arkham Asylum.[2]