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Diamond Jack Lansing wielded incredible magic powers against a series of criminals in the early 1940s.

Some time in or before 1940, "Diamond Jack" Lansing was given a magic gem, by an old magician, and thus became mentally and physically strong beyond mortal limits. With this gem in hand, Lansing could turn flying bullets into harmless bouquets of flowers, and guns into candy canes, and he could heal a bullet wound, instantly and completely. He could conjure a sword into existence by shouting "KZAT!" or produce a parachute by shouting "KZAR!" He could transform his own shape, or the shape of anything else.[1] Lansing's Gem can transform one life form into another, for example a rampaging Vulture-man into a saguaro cactus. The gem can cast mirages, flash blinding light, or conjure a flaming sword out of mid-air.[2]

Lansing seemingly had unlimited free time and amused himself by busting violent criminals, and he didn't mind killing some of them either. In his final recorded adventure, he drowned several dozen formerly-human Vulture-men, along with their creator.[3]

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  • Magic Gem

  • "ADKHEL!" might be a magic word; Jack says it as he is using the ring to explosively destroy a dam.


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